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Manila Hostage Taking

Day 1,008, 06:18 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II
August 24, 2010
Monday, Day 1008

NOTE: All pictures here doesn't mean that I am making fun of the victims. The pictures posted were intended to make fun of the Philippine SWAT Team.

My deepest condolence to those families who were affected.

Batman we need you!

Is the broom made of steel?

Sadako watching the Hostage drama. He was trying to kill the hostage taker too. Sadako for the win! XD

Make love not war.

Spiderman! Why are you late?


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HoneyB Day 1,008, 07:11


Miku Hatsune 01
Miku Hatsune 01 Day 1,008, 10:59


Erion Clow Reed
Erion Clow Reed Day 1,008, 11:05

Condolence for Victims...(esp Foreigners?!) we REGRET TO TELL YOU THAT THE PHILLIPINE NATIONAL POLICE AND SWAT were merely a bunch of Idiots. They ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST and ASK QUESTIONS LATER.. and LOVES TO IGNORE HUMAN RIGHTS. mga PULIS PATOLA.. ang Tanga2x ninyo... Sinira niyo lang ang PANGALAN ng PILIPINAS at ang Tourism Industry grrrrr!

Erion Clow Reed
Erion Clow Reed Day 1,008, 11:07


sansae2 Day 1,008, 18:52

+1 Erion Clow Reed
Negotiation could have prevented this event. Another disgraceful event to our beloved nation of the Philippines. According to reports I heard and read, the hostage taker was fired (kicked out of his job) without proper procedure, no due process. The Philippine National Police are still being run by idiots who does not know how processes work. Condolence to the victim. I feel sad for my Chinese friend especially those who are from Hong Kong. I have one Chinese friend from Hong Kong.

Jamaico Sablayan
Jamaico Sablayan Day 1,008, 20:08


Konstantinsen Day 1,009, 04:55

The emergency door was right on top of them and yet they had to bash through the main door and windows.

sansae2 Day 1,009, 19:51

From a friend:
"They could have shoot the hostage taker when he was walking away from the hostage, near the front of the bus."
This is a talk in Honolulu right now. I feel ashamed.

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