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Luna's 2nd act of FUN

Day 1,790, 01:04 Published in South Africa South Africa by Badger06

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Steven Bosch
Steven Bosch Day 1,790, 03:51


atrawall Day 1,790, 06:44

Tuna is super overfished and should probably have MORE tax regulations, to save Tuna from going extinct. There's also less-than-savory fishing methods used to catch them and before eating tuna or any fish you should do your research as to where they were caught. Monterey Bay Aquarium has a good reference guide. Now that I'm done being a buzzkill, I'll pretend the eWorld doesn't have an overfishing problem, and say "yay! Voted!"

Badger06 Day 1,790, 09:13

tuna provides us with delicious awesomeness though

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,790, 17:38

But, the less tax on tuna means the less supply of tuna as people are able to buy more, which means less tuna for you.

Hmm perhaps pull a JFK, and illegalize tuna, after buying a lifetime's supply

Vanessa1309 Day 1,790, 23:09

I love tuna!!! \o/

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,791, 11:46

it is okay I eat sardines anyway 😛

Rexdeus Day 1,791, 13:32

me thinks this is discrimination, i am demanding tax free clown food !!

Ejdatful Day 1,791, 23:41

There is a puppet out there.

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