LSD regain 6th place

Day 561, 08:39 Published in United Kingdom Cyprus by Viperb10

after a few rough days LSD have regained their 6th place positon and we don't plan to stop there now is the time eUK needs a new party with new ideas that will move eUK forward

i would like to thank all LSD members as this accomplishment would have not been possible without every single member of the LSD

i would like to take this oppurtunity to remind everyone of our world wide liberal website which is available on our private forum or you can ask for it from me or one of the other LSD members who have joined this include:

chris j adshead
cohen nazar
rodney mckay
adam halk

again thank you to all and remember LSD welcomes all no matter what you do

"do you want change,do want a better and stronger britain then join LSD today"