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Low level merceneries - WHAT?

Day 1,919, 10:27 Published in Austria Austria by Demolitioncrew

This first article may have come much much earlier than you expected I guess 🙂.

So the subject I want to talk about now is merceneries or however you want to call it - they are these guys who deal massive amounts of damage in battle and get paid for it, it is actually common in the eWorld and many people who reach very high military rank and strangh start doing that.

But... after the "recent" changes in eRepublik now you dont neccasery need rank in order to deal a lot of damage, or strangh - just unleash several bazookas, pre-make a rocket and shoot it and then do it a second time - making it twice a day and of course the battle hero rockets and bazooka boosters.

So what am I saying basiclly? now you can do insane amounts of damage even in division 1 and will very little effort. So again, what am I offering? I'm offering:
All these of you who would like to join a nice group of people who will just tank up as much damage as they possibly can in their storage and unleash it in battle. Doesn't matter you military rank, strangh or division - you can join, just send a photo of your storage.

I'm currently only offering myself and honestly I don't think I will dothat much to justify payment - but I want to create a military organization that will do exactly that, and will fight for everyone and actually benifit from it.

Just contact me if you want to join - basiclly I will be sort of a leader, it won't be a military unit exactly, just to organize all these people.

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Good luck!



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