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Lost in The Darkness

Day 1,916, 09:05 Published in India India by TimberJack


I began playing this game about 4 years ago, at that time eRepublik was completely different, it was a game based mainly on the economy module rather than being a secondary module to the military module as we see now.
Work Skill used to exist and so did strength, it was based on a logarithmic algorithm.
But what intrigued me mostly was the social aspect of the game.

Many clones have surfaced but they lacked one thing in common, that is, decent graphics but after these recent design changes eRepublik seems to have become like a clone of itself.

The only reason why people continue to play is because of the social aspect of the game, we get to meet new people, those who won't say, "Hey Dude, I have heard this story a hundred times already!".

I have met a lot of great people this way, but i would not like to mention their names because I am sure that I am bound to miss a few.

But why must I play a game for something that be found other games aswell.

So I kept myself 2 goals,
1) To become a GoW in game.
2) To play the game till it dies.

Today I achieved goal number 1, as of today, I am now a God Of War, similar to that of FM in eRepublik v1 (which was later changed soon after i attained that rank).

Then I just realized that zombie is as good as dead, this game was dead a long time back.

I kept playing in the hope that maybe one day the game would prove itself worthwhile, but now that hope is destroyed.

I have now reached a point where I will be writing what will be so far the most important examination that I will attempt.

But I do not find it worthwhile to even spend a few minutes in the game to 2 click.

So well I quit! I may login at random occasions but I doubt it.


I Quit!

Thank You
Good Bye
A random guy who just quit!


Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,916, 09:08

Sorry I didn't notice you were back.

TimberJack Day 1,916, 09:10

Now im gone for good.

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,916, 09:13

lol no you enjoy hanging out with me on irc too much and plotting our PTO's on "The Other Game"

TimberJack Day 1,916, 09:15

Nope, im offline for good.

NueveOcho Day 1,916, 09:08


Mega Exploit
Mega Exploit Day 1,916, 09:11

erep sucks...

Patanjali Day 1,916, 09:27

Well, I remember those times you talk about TJ, the times of so many others nice mates taht are no more here.
Others came now and some leave.

Got nothing to say regarding your decision, because I was away for long time too, so I understand.

However, best regards my friend and take good care of you. Was a nice experience to know you \o/

RD1234 Day 1,916, 16:44

You can't quit again 🙁
Who's gonna help me with college 😨
New aim:- Earn wht comes after GoW*** 😕///////////

games.k67 Day 1,916, 21:07

we miss u timber

ayush121212 Day 1,917, 05:08

will miss you mate. 🙁

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