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Losing money?

Day 1,752, 05:00 Published in USA Ireland by Technician

You lose money, stop building things and the price will go up.

Too many people building and nobody is buying.
The builders dump stock, take a loss but nobody is forcing them to build.

Established players need nothing from the market.... no sales.
Military has communes..... no sales
The economy is not broken you just have no market.

Why would I or anybody spend $90 on Q7, so you can make money?
I can not afford it.

I rather own my own companies or buy nothing.



Technician Day 1,752, 05:03

The answer is easy do not expect profit from companies.

anteer Day 1,752, 06:32

there is some truth in your words

Roviros Day 1,752, 06:44

V. Common sense...

Romper Day 1,752, 06:44

I play like that for a year now. I don't need market at all. Companies are not for profit, they are just a supply feature.

Hacoguz Day 1,752, 06:55

companies are for newbies

dissolved most companies

anteer Day 1,752, 07:50

anyway it IS possible to make some money with companies. sure - only with the highest, with max bonuses and licenses.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,752, 09:18

I remember days when Q5 weapon company make 5 gold profit per day,
And Q3 iron make 2-3 golds per day.

gherares Day 1,752, 12:20

Stop living in the past.
I remember when I was 2 years old I used to play naked in the sand.... digging with my....

kristof von
kristof von Day 1,752, 17:50

@hisairness i remember the days of uncle sam and his gold making corporations when companies were worth having and turned a nice profit but admin didnt like that one bit!!

L7.QualifiedWarrior Day 1,753, 10:25

q7 weapon company doesnt earn u a shit..

Bucephalus92 Day 1,753, 16:06

remember when country's used to actually run out of supply during war because their were to few people fighting instead of working? Those were cool days

Adytu94 Day 1,753, 18:04



New contracts and interest!



Noi contracte si dobanzi!

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