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LoJ: Totally Hypocritical

Day 1,846, 05:05 Published in Israel Turkey by Angie Varona

- This ticket

Totally Hypocritical

This is one of the articles that i write with more pleasure from my back to eRepublik. Everybody knows that me and some of my friends were accused several times of Ptovers of tricksters... of human shit.

But most of these accusations were coming always from the same people:
- DanielMorad
- Formic
- Mr.Paranoid
- and an Uruguayan guy called Eliokem.

This individual claims to be the ambassador of Uruguay in Israel, and so, since i am the ambassador of Israel in Uruguay, i only recieve attacks and more PM accussations from him, telling me that im not welcome to be the eIsrael ambassador on eUruguay.

But life is a wheel, my friends.

A few days after receiving accusations once again from this guy via PM, I decided to do some research on him. I already knew that he had previously been banned by multiaccounts, and struck me that he had three "society builder" medals, so i started to look for multiple accounts.

My surprise was not much when i found that his entire political party was based on his own multiaccounts-made, being the only real player in his party.

Please check by yourself: PARTY

He is the only one who run for party president and was always elected congressman. One, Two, Three times in a row, always him as the first congress candidate, always him as Party President, and his is the only candidate for the next month, again... coincidence Plato? 😃
Uruguay is a country where 80% of its players are multiaccounts, almost everyone is at fault, and thats why nobody is reported among them, because they know that everyone has something to hide.
What for sure this Eliokem guys was not expectng, is that someone would denounce his from far away, from israel, and this one are the results!

-Eliokem - The multiaccounts owner - TEMPORALLY BANNED

- Orosmanya - Referer number one - PERMANENT BANNED
- Quelorca - Referer number two - PERMANENT BANNED
- Deponce - Referer number three - PERMANENT BANED
- Perruno33- Referer number four - PERMANENT BANNED
- MichelleObama - Referer number five - PERMANENT BANNED
- Algohabranhecho - Referer number six - PERMANENT BANNED
- TasaTurca - Referer number seven - PERMANENT BANNED
- Vino con frutilla - Referer number eight - PERMANENT BANNED
- CyberLoL - Referer number nine - PERMANENT BANNED
- PabloMollo - Referer number ten - PEMANENT BANNED

And this one are only the multis that i found... im sure there is at least 20 more multis-referers 😃
The sad part of all this, is that when we trie to burn our head thinking how to sell our good in the market, or how to get another BH to earn some gold... guys like this Eliokem make a lot of gold from FAKE-MULTIACCOUNT referers... at least 10 of them.

- 10 Referer multiaccounts * 20gold for each multiaccount level = 200gold
- 1 Society Builder medals = 5gold
- TOTAL = 205Gold.

And all this is without counting all the possible gold he transfer from multis to his main citizen in the Monetary Market. Thats for sure a lot more!

And this guy call me scammer?... Totally Hypocritical!

I can not wait until him run out of bann, to hear their false excuses. As I said, life is a wheel, and all my accusers are demonstrated its hypocrisy.


Angie Varona


Light Bulb
Light Bulb Day 1,846, 05:13

Plato should give him perma ban

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,846, 05:19

I agree with you

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,846, 05:21

Perma ban needed.

GGMUFC15 Day 1,846, 05:21

this is for ban

Vlad Gordin
Vlad Gordin Day 1,846, 06:33


Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,846, 08:19

ban his ass !!!

Angie Varona you are O.K & fuck anybody that says otherwise...

Chukamika Day 1,846, 09:55

LOL God bye elioken. Your mask fall out

Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,846, 11:16

jajajajaja te cagarooon 😃

Estos del psdu(o psu como se llaman ahora no cambian mas)

The PSDU(PSU) has always used multiaccounts in uruguay, not only for making gold or votes, but to spy other parties too.

Without mentioning that some of its members have been banned while having under their responsability, statal uruguayan companies, making the state lose a lot of money and resources.

TheMilanesa3 Day 1,846, 11:25

Impeach eliokem! \o/

Fundacion PRO Uruguay
Fundacion PRO Uruguay Day 1,846, 11:52

Eliokem's situation doesn't mean that is not true that you are an eScammer and an eBank robber; all things that you, indeed, are. We used to think that you were proud of it? So, what's the problem now? Has something changed?

By the way... Dear Rolote, ... ... .... Sincerely, your kind admin.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,846, 12:35

shame on you putting daniel morad's name in this article. he is elite member of this community. and you should think twice before you step on someone toe's.

you come here expect our hospitality and this is fine. but be respectful to the people who were part of this community long before you ever started doing shit.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,846, 12:59


DanielMorad is one of the first to call me ptover, in this article:

Why should i defend him? because he is old? just for that?

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,846, 13:00


Im not going to answer to a man who is hiding behind an organization

Reza Farahan
Reza Farahan Day 1,846, 13:03


Daniel Morad was pointing out your past history, which you admitted was true. He was just looking out for eIsrael, which unfortunately has faced multiple PTOs throughout its history.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,846, 13:08


In that article he clearly calls me a PTOVER, without even knowing me.
Anyway, thats not the point of the article. I heard that Daniel is not an active player anymore, so, i can delete him from my "list".

Perfect.Knight Day 1,846, 13:33

ok, look at this from this point of view. be neutral..

daniel morad ; he is long time patriot and big supporter of eisraeli community an RL israeli. had many positions in government and what he did for our community is he is one of the elite.

you have long history of someone who didn't pay his congress medal back then when you could get into knesset with 2 votes.. you didn't pay any attention to whats going on. you were coming to israel. getting citizenship in false ways and then running.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,846, 13:40

then leaving back to whatever you were doing before election.

now when everything is forgotten and past. you allow yourself to act all highly moral and righteous. which would be good unless there is someone who KNOWS you and payed attention to names and political activities.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,846, 13:47

p.s i am not saying you are evil. just stupid or silly. stop acting this way and earn your right to be part of this community

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,846, 18:36


I read your comments several times and still I can not understand what you say.
From what I understand you say:

1) I didnt donated my congress medals gold
2) I came to israel getting CS ilegally
3) I never care a shit about eIsrael Politics.

Please, tell me if im on the right.

PD: What is that ELITE thing? I thought we all play the same game, i didnt known we have elite players! What a surprise!

That explains why is always the same people ruling the country.

actualguns Day 1,846, 20:07

Hail Daniel Morad
go back to Uruguay you goy
you come here to deceive us all you want is to become president and steal from us in the long run
no goyim in office!

actualguns Day 1,846, 20:08

Also reported for personal attacks

Perfect.Knight Day 1,846, 21:18

your performance is brilliant Formic 🙂

@angie verona :

bro i don't really care what you understand. do not insult my friends on some article.
when YOU are KNOWN as someone who does shit, without the care of an legitimate player.
either play right. or you will get burned.

and if you don't, there is plenty of reasons already to make your self to be banned from this community. this country...AND the countries this nation is allied with. just test me.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,847, 05:53


I see your words are threats. This is a game and I have the same rights as you to play wherever I want, nobody has the power to tell me where i play or what I have to do, not even an "elite" player as you.

Your comments on my article distort completely the main content, just because i named a friend of you?

I worked a lot to find the probes, send the ticket, and then find the way to put it all togheter in this article.
Few minutes later, u come and throw it all away, thanks.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,847, 07:56

yes. you can play in whatever country you choose. if yo u can get the citizenship. if you try to do what is right and do good deeds that will help the community to get to know you better. you are welcome. but you chose the wrong tree to bark on my friend.

just saying. my reputation is flawless. i have respect of my rivals in enemy countries. and the respect of my allies.

and i have the respect of my countrymen. can you say the same?

clearly not. actions speak louder then words.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,847, 07:58

you have multiple accusations against you. i have my name and my friends to vouch for me.

i would not want to bring your love affair with eisrael and your past relations with it.. should i?

i have good memory.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,847, 09:18

Flawless reputation?
Respect of your enemies?
Respect of your countrymen?

OMG this is just a GAME!

Wake up!

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,847, 09:29

ahh and please stop distorting my article

Augustus Grim
Augustus Grim Day 1,847, 14:03

PK, I have to say, Haile has left a good impression on me in the few months he's been here. And I think he's proven that he's not a PTOer.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,847, 17:06

you don't know Haile 🙂 i do. and its not that i have something against him. i just want him to understand not to make mistakes. he is someone who values quick path with shortcuts that trample over decent people.

this is a game but we play a realistic world and in this world we must abide by the rules set by our community. he didn't respect them. not here. not in his own country.

and yet i didn't state i hate him or anything. it is a friendly warning. either play right. or get burned.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,848, 02:08


Why u say you know me? I cant get it, this is the first time we talk on the entire eRepublik world history.
Besides u say things that are not true... like that i came to israel with fake CS when i was born here with this account. U say that i didint donated my medal gold, but i always donated it.

And finally, the most important, u say i care a shit about israel politics... but if u read my newspapper, u cand find a lot of articles with proposals, about eIDF, about iron economy, etc.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,848, 02:09

I even tried to create a Israeli Chamber of Commerce (totally failed haha, but i even had created a forum of it!), i never send stupid law proposals, and i am very much in favor of creating a forum for israel, i think will be very usefull for us and i made a few articles about it.

So, why u say i care a shit about israel?
I think im pretty interested on Israel. Why? Because this is a political game, and in just paying it. What of everything I said makes it worthwhile to be burned?

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Day 1,848, 02:25

I think u just get mad because u saw DanielMorad on the list of people that acusses me of PTOver.
I never insult DanielMorad, i just put him on a list of people who tell im a PTOver, and with proves, he made an article saying im a PTOver... or i am crazy?, thats all.

In fact, the onlyone who insults another person here, its you, calling me stupid, just because i made a proven article of the Uruguayan Ambassador in Israel who acuses me of ptover, and the hipocrit holds a lot of multiaccounts.

kbgonza Day 1,848, 09:15

te quedan 20 multis mas por matar

kbgonza Day 1,848, 09:15

v +s

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