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Logamacs weekly update

Day 995, 05:46 Published in United Kingdom USA by logamac

Hello eUK, I am logamac from Scotland giving you weekly updates about the country and other countries around the world. Normally this would be published on Saturdays. I hope you enjoy the article and can’t wait to create another one.

United Kingdom news:

We have a new party in the UK called The Kumnaa Party. The party president is kumnaa and I wish him luck and I hope it will be a successful party. This party has 159 members of kumnaa followers. Canada has attacked Scotland and Wales so grab a gun and shoot some Canadians. Hopefully more will happen next week so I can write more.

International News:

Malaysia has been PTOed by Serbia and the Serbians are using Malaysia to attack their allies. Countries like eSingapore could be attacked by Malaysia. I will be giving you updates on that. There was a battle for Slavonia but was closed by the admins because of multi accounts.

Rate and comment:

I want the British to rate my articles.

1is Good 10 is bad. Simple I hope you enjoyed my first article and I will create more.


Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar
Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar Day 995, 06:00

I like your style.

Anaxima Day 995, 06:08

I like your style

Red_Baxter Day 995, 06:28

I like your style 😃

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 995, 06:42


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 995, 06:43

Also, sir digby, you are a communist, so you automatically lose any rights to troll due to being a communist.

Joniff Day 995, 07:29

How dare you, digby is not a racist.

romansoldier Day 995, 08:33

I like your Style.

jamesw Day 995, 10:35

I prefer Digby's style.

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