Listen up eNation!

Day 434, 19:01 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

National Emergency Announced by Congress

The U.S. Federal Reserve has been hacked and all funds have been drained; this coming just hours after President McWalburgson's leave of absence due to real-life technicalities. A Legislative Order was released to all acting congressmen by representatives of their parties and was endorsed by ten congressmen, spanning from five different political parties.

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😁^ Legislative Order Link 😁^

Their actions have proven that in a time of need, the eUSA can rise and become united and put aside petty differences. In the list of endorsers were die-hard fighters for lowering taxes and well as outspoken protectionists. Libertarians, authoritarians, USWP and NP all agree😛 Action needed to be taken; and quickly.

Congress's Quick Actions

With our reserves low, we are in a tight pickle. In seven or so days, the war module will be released. With very little GOLD and USD in our possession, what will the eUSA do to protect herself? We cannot rely on our allies, as Resistance Wars will be popping up everywhere for Sweden, Spain, and Romania (or primary allies). The UK may be able to aid at our defense, as could Canada, but against the blunt of a vengeful PEACE GC? There is not a doubt in anyone's mind that an attack on eUS soil is a real and threatening possibility at our current weak state.

These actions were noble, though may cause some uneasy feelings towards their pledges of tax policies. Many ran for just a few days earlier with plans to lower or shift taxes, and have gone against their initial pledges. All in the name of economic security. Hopefully the voters can forgive them.

Don't Worry, eUSA!

In this Order, it is clearly outlined that when the admins rightfully return our GOLD or when we reach a certain treasury amount, the taxes will be brought back to their original states. This should be a temporary set back, and one which Congress and all of the law making authorities hope that the eCitizens will understand.

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To Do List:

Vote this up. We need to get the message out, and need to let the international community know we are not a bunch of divided children.

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-Jewitt, Chief Editor