Lisa Ann : A Parable.

Day 3,963, 22:26 Published in USA France by EricZemmour

Lisa Ann is not fresh anymore. Lisa ann gets rolled over by Kendra Lust. Lisa Ann is indecisive. Lisa Ann abandoned the American people. Lisa Ann abandoned America. Lisa ann abandoned Europe. Lisa Ann abandoned Asia.

Lisa Ann abandoned billions of chronic masturbators throughout the world.

And that, my dear friends, is a hard, painful spank in the already red enough ass of our favorite and national MILF. Porno amateurs all over the west are wailing and mourning, while Lisa Ann became the Wailing Wall. Lisa Ann is hated, because Lisa Ann is a mirror. Each and every person can see their own reflection on it, and that way, reflect on their own perversity and their own desires.

eUSA has always been an imperialist and an imperial power, but it has been declining ever since the beginning of this game. Its pornographic domination has been challenged by Japan and Ajay Bruno, and its military domination has been nothing more than a myth. eVietnam, eAfghanistan, eIrak, for now 50 years, eUSA has been winning every battle, but has been losing every war.

Every empire throught history perished when their symbolic deities didn't attract their adversaries anymore. "He who has the biggest hammer, can hit on the most nails" : Lisa Ann was the American Hammer.

But no matter whether we want it or not, we will need to do without it, America.

The american pornographic industry has been becoming, (exceptions nonwithstanding), the icon of a weird, liberal land of vices dedicated to individualistic rights that are satisfied to the most absurd tantrum. The USWP embodies, with a particular talent, the liberal deconstruction that has been happening since Obama that considers that prison is a problem, and the delinquent is but a victim.

The USWP is the symbol of this liberal left that thinks that it is on the spectator's ass to accomodate to interracial videos, lest you would be accused of racism. This icon subverts The American Way of Life, democracy in its basic tenets in order to destroy and obliterate any traces of our good old patriarcal system.

Soon, we will have to suffer pre puberty pornographic actresses without breasts nor shape, holding but a suspicious age, smiling at the camera with their braces full of... mayonnaise. And the traitors of America and throughout the world... Heavens forbid, well, they'll be happy about it.

So what impact the retirement of Lisa Ann would cause ?

Lisa Ann was the woman that held the standard, and not only in a figurative way. She was the standard bearer of traditional, elegant pornography, she raised a middle finger to the vices of the industry. For years, Manuel Ferrara, one of the big head honchos at Brazzers, pleaded to get her out of there, but she scared the industry when 2 millions of brave, patriotic fans singed a petition for her to stay in 2015. Some would say that she might be elected to be the next ePOTUS, as she was one of the fiercest defenders of America and its values. This reconversion would be nothing short of a cunt fart, a poetic queef sent directly to her political detractors, the so-called "haters". 'You're going to miss me', she, the Heaven's devil that had so much trouble leaving the pornographic scene said. In reality, it is her that WE are going to miss.

And I will finish this by quoting Auguste Comte : "My penis is so light, that but a simple thought will suffice to raise it."

And I will just say that we all have a big, BIG, thought for her.

Thank you for reading.