Liberal Social Democrats Vs British Empire Party The Facts

Day 560, 09:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Cohen Nazar
The Liberal Social Democrats were founded by three of the best military and finical minds the UK has had. One of them was Hassan Pesaran Former MoD and ATLANTIS Supreme Commander you could say we know our stuff.

I don't know what ideas the BEP for changing and they have released no articles about what they want for the UK. Although the name British empire party implies that you wish to expand our borders something the LSD want to do but we have a plan where their plans are unrealistic.

Step 1. SAVE MONEY - Cut rubbish spending and give MoF more power to refuse budgets he deems unnecessary. All budget requests should be detailed to trim excess fat.

Step 2. EQUIP MILITARY - Military needs an unlimited supply of weapons. More stock piles and make companies compete for government stockpiles start up companies such as this

Step 3. BUILD MILITARY EXPERIENCE/STRENGTH- Once money has been saved, spend excess cash on building the military's experience. This includes: Theatre Wars, MPP's with volatile countries, traning all arms of the military,anything that will increase rank and therefore Soldier Force.
That plan was made by HazzN one of our founding fathers and we have updated it.

The LSD contains many military men I myself am SIC of the Royal Navy and our congress member Rodney McKay is a captain in the Royal Navy(SIC of a company) and understands the mechanics of the game well.

The PCP have been long term allies and they allow us to run for congress through them. So if you join the LSD and the eUK forums ( and PM Vipb10 and he will give you access to our forums. You might get chance to run for congress even though we're not in the top 5.

The BEP contains no former ex-congress and no ministers or under ministers and for a party whose polices focus on military they have no military men officers or otherwise.

this poll shows that 15 forum users would vote LSD, 7 for BEP and 22 would vote for the United Beer Party.

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