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Letter to Mithrantir...

Day 2,076, 07:29 Published in Serbia Serbia by Van Sebe
Dear readers,
A new edition of eUtopia is in front of you...

Just a few hours ago, Mithrantir, very respected Greek player and ranked as No.1 in Greece,
wrote an article about how he sees the current situation and behavior of Serbia as an ally.

I would disagree with some statements that he made and I would like to provide my own view and perhaps few explanations... I would also like to stress out that this has no connection to any political party or government of eSerbia, past or current.

There were lot of talks about behavior of some Serbian players in high positions, treatment of allies and for sure we are not without mistakes and we need to carry our bourdon. But I will not write about this.

In this month eSerbia went through difficult time due to actions of former CP who suffered impeachment. Before he was moved from power, money from the treasury was gone - let's not discuss the reasons. This is our internal problem, but for sure it reflected to our allies as well.
At the very moment when CoT put in motion plan to secure congress for Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), MPP's between Serbia and Romania and Serbia and Greece expired. The question is why did all three sides let this happen? Some explanation could be found in Serbian empty treasury - maybe. Anyhow, due to this lack of action, Chile AS on Romania was not an MPP battle for Serbia. Therefore Serbian players had to move and to fight which always results in lower damage. Government had problems to organize and pay expenses for the army. But even so, we have helped Romania, regrettably, not sufficiently.

At the same time there was an RW in Povardarie, in which by Mithrantir words, "Serbian players fought massively against Greece". I can't say whether this is true or not, but when I have checked battle statistics there are no Serbian players to be found in top 5 in any battle in any division (ScymeX is not a Serbian player). On the other hand, Greek players like Earentir (National Rank No. 3) and blackpanther76 (National Rank No. 7) were very well noticed in East Republic of Srpska against Serbia... So well noticed that even CoT players had SS circling around laughing about TWO fighting against TWO...

Should we say now, quote "Learn how to play and behave in an alliance and then we may be able to achieve something."?
Or perhaps "Respect your allies or die alone."?


Who started first? How far back do we go - do we check war with the USA or other RW's in Serbia a month ago? At the end - does it matter?

Even so, I would not say that Greece is a bad ally... All these actions are personal and speaks only about the person that made these actions - can't be generalized. They had their reasons for such actions whether these reasons are acceptable to us or not... In this game, Greece and Serbia were on opposite sides for very, very long time... Lot of friends are left in countries which are not part of our alliance (i.e. Croatia/Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)). By signing the MPP with Serbia and entering in TWO alliance, Greece showed that is willing to be closer to Serbia, and vice versa. BUT THIS TAKES TIME.... There is no government in the eWorld that can make a decree and that all of the sudden every citizen obeys that order and blindly follows it.

A god step in that direction is if you do not fight for your ally, at least do not fight against him. For a beginning...

Respect of an ally is something one fights for. I respect not only my allies, but my enemies as well, when they deserve it with their actions... A lot of friends in this game are not from Serbia and not even from TWO... This is a game after all and we are here to have fun and meet friends (not to replace RL ones)...
If one wants respect, he must give it first.

My unit, "The Bears" is well known in eSerbia. We have a rule - NEVER fight against eSerbia and our allies. NEVER. And we respect it.

eSerbia is now in difficult position and it is not so much related to this contest. Perhaps we will be deleted - so be it... Even being in this position, our officials redirected some damage to UK since this was in the alliance interest. But we will prevail. We will be on the top again. Numbers are ruthless. And when this happens, we will remember position of eFrance with breaking NAP, of eItaly and everyone else... And we will give respect to the ones that deserved it...

Real ally doesn't wait to be asked for help... For Hungary WAST MAJORITY of Serbs would fight till last energy bar...

Dear Mithrantir, we do not know each other, but I respect a man with a standpoint whether it is similar to mine or opposite one. I ask you to give some time to this fragile new friendship and then decide. And I ask you to be proactive if you really want it to succeed.

I am not a high ranking official in my country, and although we are light years away by ranking, I hope you will read this since it is written from the hart.
Whether we see each other on opposite sides or side by side in battle, all the best to you...


I would like to ask everyone to leave RL out of the comments related to this article and to concentrate on what this article is all about – future relations between eGreece and eSerbia. Having in mind delicate situation related to this issue, and in effort not to insult anyone, I have used name “Republic of Macedonia”, treating FYROM as abbreviation as it is done by administrators of this game. I accept that looking at the picture below, full name might be treated as “Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)”, and I have used it so in the article. I will not use any other insulting name that is circling around (in order to “kiss ass” one side or the other) as insults are not a way of communication in life nor in game. They can only show incompetence and lack of argumentation…

From the very beginning, when I have started to write this article, I expected trolling from our enemies and I do not expect them to stop. They don’t want our friendship to evolve but they can’t do anything about it. Just ignore them… It is only up to us…

Thank you all for understanding…
Letter to Mithrantir...


OVALNI REBORN Day 2,076, 07:33


Poslednji Hiperborejac
Poslednji Hiperborejac Day 2,076, 07:37

trol, ignore him...

OVALNI REBORN Day 2,076, 07:38

Oh I did not know... So serious text, and fake...

Poslednji Hiperborejac
Poslednji Hiperborejac Day 2,076, 07:36

Svaka cast za tekst.

Samo da dodam da s ei ovaj put pokazalo koliko i kavki su nam prijatelji Poljaci. Sa njima nikad ne bih pravio savez jer od njih dolaze razne prikrivene smicalice a na ratistu kad treba nigde ih nema.

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,076, 07:37

Respect your allies or die alone!

Ne može te cijeli svijet iskorištavati za nabijanje kornfleksa na Balkanu! 😛

alboy75 Day 2,076, 07:38

samo nemojte vi pricati o kornfleksima,
ugusicete se u njima

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,076, 07:50

Ava kari, suđ pula

dragan4s Day 2,076, 14:43

hahahahaha i ako mogu da dodam kurafte mule kokale xDDDDD

jbg nauci se svasta kad odrastes u Zemunu 😁)

alboy75 Day 2,076, 07:37


Mithrantir Day 2,076, 07:39

i saw it and i respect your opinion.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 07:42


Earentir Day 2,076, 07:43

I am only going to say that you dont look at what SR is doing against Greece in so many battles because you never thought to look there, but yeah I as many others from GR will not just be idle anymore when we see SR fighting against us in EVERY battle FYROM has with Greece, this fragile new alliance had a lot of time to change and Greeks didnt fight against you for months now, but its enough, from now on at least I will stop giving slack to SR, you keep saying about friendship and all but I dont see that, I see whole units fighting with FYROM against us and no I am not talking about FYROM, I am talking about SR.
You can keep playing the SS game and mnid you I dont give a beep about that, when I fight someone I do it where everyone can see me I am not hiding under the top 5.

Dont take this as a personal attack or anything, this is my point of view.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 07:50

As I said, there were Greek troops fighting against us in USA as well as Romanian players in RW's. And as I said they, and you, have their reasons and I don't blame them or attacking them/you... It takes time for some players to accept new allies.
And you know that there are lot of foreigners in eSerbia right now....
My point is that there were never official orders to hit against an ally and that each person is responsible for his own actions.

Earentir Day 2,076, 07:56

I agree with that, there never was an official order but that doesnt change much, if the MU's dont accept that it doesnt matter. Look at it this way when did I actually tank against you? Even though I didnt like us joining TWO I still respected my countries orders and for 2+ months now I am not doing DMG against you, but for how long will I see "rogue" units fight against us? I hope you get my point mate.

Nik7deputa Day 2,076, 07:50

Earentir, I think that the players that fought against us with Fyrom, are from mercenary mu, dont forget who fighted against Serbia at Israel..

Two wrongs don;t make a right, but as i said below, an alliance cannot be built in 1 day.. and for sure the way you are acting doesn;t help..

Earentir Day 2,076, 07:58

No they were not from a mercenary unit so thats a moot point, we already asked most of them why they do that and they reply we dont care about GR we care about the other coutry (what is officially called FYROM).

There is nothing wrong here, when someone doesnt learn or doesnt want to learn the good way you always have other ways to teach them.

If it helps or not thats your opinion ofc in my opinion it does, cause now we talk about it and not just let it go as we are doing so long now.

Shommy Lee Jones
Shommy Lee Jones Day 2,076, 08:00

There are a lot of eMacedonians with Serbian passports. As many others, too. Everybody loves 10/10, and Serbs congressman's are a bit greedy.

Then you fight for our foes, that irritates us all, and then it could happen than someone fight against Hellas.

Earentir Day 2,076, 08:08

Mate CS doesnt matter, we can see who is serbian and who is not and believe it or not its extremely easy for me to identify who is who, completely different people.

Shommy Lee Jones
Shommy Lee Jones Day 2,076, 08:22

If you say so. I dont want to speak about something that i am not 100% familiar too. I personally dont fight for Hellas, but also i dont fight against. We where too long on opposite sides. Your countryman's fought for Serbia yesterday and today and that is good for out mutual trust. Someone has to make first step.

raoulito Day 2,076, 09:44

WHAT is an eMacedonian?

Shommy Lee Jones
Shommy Lee Jones Day 2,076, 09:48

The people that live in country you can FYROM

raoulito Day 2,076, 09:55

The world have met only one Macedonia and it is placed in the north region of Greece. People there are called Macedonians.
In eRepublik there are no country Macedonia. There is a "transexual" naming a former Yugoslavic region we all knew as Skopjie by the name republik of Macedonia(FYROM) which ofcourse is a pure stupidity of the admins In a country the United Nations calls FYROM 😉

You should study a little it will do you good.

Shommy Lee Jones
Shommy Lee Jones Day 2,076, 09:58

I know history very well. Dont worry. They claim name because of the place of birth of Alexander. By my opinion no one is absolutely right it this problem.

Sarma Day 2,076, 11:07

we are easy to identify... vote for that one 😃

Hampicamayoc Day 2,076, 08:02

I can confirm this, every time there is RW in FYROM my unit SOS gets the orders to hit for them, and it's basically how is it every time, i don't know how can they call themself Serbian unit but they are nothing more than mercenaries. All i ever wanted is just to stay with my first MU Kobre but this is now getting out of hands and is really hurting Greece-Serbia relationship

Sarma Day 2,076, 11:18

well m8... i admit i am pissed of too... hope they will find a way to cooperate with the country administration...
this is mess...
alliance will be eaten from inside... ser+arg, spain + chile, greece + turkey... too many sh*t...

Cool Blood
Cool Blood Day 2,076, 09:09

Sorry Earentir but you ae wrong. Of course you can have your personal opinion and you can do whatever you want but since you have been cp of the country you should be careful and rensponsible. What you would feel as cp of e-Greece if everybody would act against his county official diplomacy?

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,078, 16:30

they say serbs didn't fight there, they can not be found in top 5

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,076, 07:44

First Serbian mistake.. trade friendship for dmg...
Second Serbian friendship for dmg.
Third Serbian mistake.. Trust the greeks...

p.s prepare for the comment from greeks F*rom,F*rom F*rom xD xD

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,076, 07:50

Ava kari, suđ pula

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 07:51

Perhaps, but there are no innocent ones... USA in CoT vote was unanimous....

EL FAT BANDIDO AFK Day 2,076, 07:51

nzm ko je koga tu prvi trejdovo sinko

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,076, 07:56

USA in CoT... thats all your excuse...
You sign MPP with Romania while Romania was in direct battle with Bulgaria...
I dont remember USA was in direct battle with Serbia whan USA join CoT
And i remember whan USA sign mpp with Poland in CTRL you say that Poland betray you... or fear of poland dmg ???

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 2,077, 06:34

well, youre right, USA is an excuse, we decided to fight against Vardarska cuz youre the worst allies ever, and fighting against you crying 4 year olds is interesting to us. Now go cry away FYROM, celebrate your 20th birthday and steal some more greek history 🙂 FYROM.

The.Clairvoyant Day 2,076, 08:09

butthurt from error 404 detected

Excelsior.HMA Day 2,077, 11:34

It's not Fyrom. The correct name is Fyrov. V for Vardar.

Nik7deputa Day 2,076, 07:47

Comment deleted

mavasi usiro
mavasi usiro Day 2,076, 07:52

Hard voted!!!

An alliance cannot be built in 1 takes time

Hail Serbia!
Hail Greece!
Hail TWO!

Thessaloz Day 2,076, 07:53

"blah blah.. Republic of Macedonia" well played Serbia....

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 08:02

This is a game and I speak for myself.
I meant no insult to anyone - this is the official name of that country in this game. If you disapprove, write to the administrator.
Please don't use this as an excuse...

Thessaloz Day 2,076, 08:06

Your mofa did the same thing as i can remember, also its not look again.. You just picked what to write.. And kosovo was on vote and most of us voted for Serbia but who cares...

ARISTOMAXOS Day 2,076, 08:12

the "official" name of this country because admins wanted everybody to be "happy" is "republic of macedonia (FYROM)" all together ... the official name of this country as the United Nations recognize them if FYROM

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 08:13

Since I know how delicate this issue is, I wrote official name in the game in order not to insult anyone about RL issues.
Should I be insulted when you say Kosovo? For me and all the Serbs it is Kosovo and Metohija. Do you know this?
And this two can never be compared - check the United Nations.
But please, let us leave the RL out of this game.

DiMlTRiS Day 2,076, 08:13

van sebe the official name by the admins of the game is "Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)" so edit your article and correct it

raoulito Day 2,076, 09:49

ofcourse it is Kosovo and Metohija.
And it will always be, who said otherwise?

Its different that than calling a country by a name she has no connection with.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 10:43

Please read edit...

Van Sebe Day 2,076, 10:48

Comment deleted

GreekStallion7 Day 2,076, 08:02

"At the very moment when CoT put in motion plan to secure congress for Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia"

Oh yeah thats it , so Kossovo is Kossovo fk Serbia , learn history ahole

I didnt fight against you until now, now you will see me everywhere you p.o.s.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Day 2,076, 08:09

This is a game and I speak for myself.
I meant no insult to anyone - this is the official name of that country in this game. If I insulted you, I apologize.
If you disapprove it to be called so, write to the administrator. If he changes it - so will I.
And be sure that I know my history very well as well as the Ancient Greek history which I utmost respect.
Please don't use this as an excuse...

DiMlTRiS Day 2,076, 08:21

van sebe the official name by the admins of the game is "Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)" so edit your article and correct it

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