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Letter from the Portuguese people to TWO

Day 2,061, 11:04 Published in Portugal Portugal by Passos Coelho


I'm writing on behalf of an important part of the Portuguese society to TWO/ACT people and leaders.

Last March Portugal signed a NAP with Spain.
Our goal was to stop the never ending war and start being friends with Spain and join TWO.
The Spanish gov and congress in March agreed with that.

We payed 500k currency that we agreed to give to Poland (the best friend of Spain) just to prove that we really want to be friends.
That money should be returned to Portugal in a few months has a prove that we kept the NAP.

Since then ALL Spanish goverments and congress didn't want to change the NAP.
They boicoted ALL our trys to do MPPs with TWO and ACT countries and forced us to pay to them a large sum of the money from the NAP, because of harmless things like MPPing Colombia and Argentina.

Obviously we need MPPs for our people to continue to fight and since we couldn't MPP any TWO/ACT countries we did the 2nd best thing that is MPPing pro-TWO countries.

We don't care about the currency.
We just want to fullfill our initial goals.

WE ARE ASKING YOUR HELP TO GIVE US NORTE BACK! (Spain doesn't need it for bonus they have it in Canada,they are holding it for no good reason)

PS: I don't expect for every Portuguese to agree with this, but most will.



cochoperez Day 2,061, 11:04


Ms0c0 Day 2,061, 12:36

Please Spain, we just want to be friends!

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,061, 13:43

things will be great if everyone had your opinion

jormi barbosa
jormi barbosa Day 2,062, 05:42

Come come said the spider to the flyer... beati pauperes spiriti!

Alphabethis Day 2,061, 13:05

Viva España! Spain rules!

NKFV Day 2,061, 14:04

Never ever seen such an ars-licking article....

TemujinBC Day 2,061, 19:00

NKFV is the biggest butt 😃

Tripkovic Day 2,061, 22:59

why u just dont fight? all that curenties ... damn 😃 SUPPORT FOR U!

nuno258 Day 2,061, 11:08


WHITE LIGHT Day 2,061, 11:10


Bom artigo, vamos ver se resulta, esperemos que sim.

WARNING.69 Day 2,061, 15:29


Assim e' que se fala.

jormi barbosa
jormi barbosa Day 2,062, 05:44

Só falta fazer a vénia aos taçardos e lamber as botinhas.... parolos!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,061, 11:15

Voted and Shouted o7

Crolaki619 Day 2,061, 11:17

Voted and Agreed o/

Beast from Bons
Beast from Bons Day 2,061, 11:17


Jervaj Day 2,061, 11:18

I agree. You have kept your word after the first month that there was some trouble, and giving you back Norte would be a good improvement,

Jervaj Day 2,061, 11:46

Btw, what is about Paulo Leal? He left the game or soemthing? So much time I know nothing from him

PretenderHT Day 2,061, 11:54

He's in eBrasil (CAT) i think. He changed nick.

Jervaj Day 2,062, 04:09

Yea I knew that he went to CAT.

I was surfing in my friends list, is the one with the saurons eye avatar?

PretenderHT Day 2,063, 05:19

Yes, i think he is.

C. Apuleio
C. Apuleio Day 2,061, 11:18

Spain rules TWO...forget about it!

S1MPL3 Day 2,061, 11:18

epic crying!!

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog Day 2,061, 11:25

Quem não chora, não mama.

Mr. Voldemort Day 2,061, 11:28

Comment deleted

pedrinhovic2 Day 2,061, 11:19

Boa sorte aos portugueses, que se faça justiça.

Saudações brasileiras!


TsigaroPornilas Day 2,061, 11:19


FabMao Day 2,061, 11:20

Voted, and this is just a fair request

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 2,061, 11:20


Lord Menique
Lord Menique Day 2,061, 11:21

Spain sign the NAP with the intention of improving relations and of managing to be good friends.
But one sees that he is not interested in being Spain a friend of Portugal, they do not do 1 minimum effort for friendship with Portugal.

It seems that they signed the NAP with the intention of remaining with the money only

Fibonacci Day 2,061, 11:38

they signed the NAP so that they could defend canadian lands without trouble and fight their allys MPP battles. Of course when canada is returned (if it happens) they will go back for portugal. So just keep dreaming portugal. you are in the wrong place in the wrong time.

PretenderHT Day 2,061, 11:39

And keeping the regions (bonus) with no trouble (war).

XenthuS Day 2,061, 11:21

You break the NAP.

Madvieri Day 2,061, 11:24

Funny thing...that is what all spanish governments says every month..
Do you that does not means Hello?

Facts and not inventions please..

XenthuS Day 2,061, 11:32

Facts? Sign with CUA, fight against Spain. More facts?

Please. How you, from MEK, can talk bullshit?

Madvieri Day 2,061, 11:37

We had signed with CUA with agreement of Spain and Poland, since we will then sign MPP w/ Spain and Poland. 1 MPP w/ TWO for every MPP w/ proTWO countries.

MEK are 50 guys and do not represent Portugal as a whole. portuguese government did not fight or asked to fight against Spain.

Cut the bullshit and stop dreaming please. You made every possible inventions and excuses to say Portugal break NAP.

And by the was not to be a NAP but a start for a greater partnership...

XenthuS Day 2,061, 11:40

If you dont represent Portugal stop cry for them.

Madvieri Day 2,061, 11:43

At least did you took time and read what is said? This opinion is for SOME portuguese players..

Come on men, at least give yourself some effort in those comments

Bohemond4 Day 2,061, 13:01

signing an MPP with CUA means they don't fight against Spain...they fight pro-TWO, which means they fight pro-Spain.

Unless your saying fighting against Chile is fighting against Spain...

XenthuS Day 2,062, 02:40

Junior, Where i say that sign with CUA= fight against Spain?

WatchAndLearn. Day 2,062, 06:08

LOL Spain is mad because we signed with pro-TWO countries... this is awsome!! Spain = COT

PretenderHT Day 2,061, 11:44

If we are going to talk about breaching the NAP, then lets start right from the beginning, when eSpain didn't return the regions to ePortugal without a fight, what made portuguese Gov to open dist and hire mercs to do it, with all the expenses associated.
Did you see any portuguese complaining about it, or accusing right away?
Why? Because our govs where committed to the treaty, thing that we weren't at any time, all that you cared about was to think all the ways possible of getting the 500k and maintain peacefully our regions without a fight.
ePortugal never fought against eSpain since the NAP, by the contrary, we fought for eSpain in order to keep our regions safe, once again, because we were committed to it, thing you're not and never was.

SirBroa Day 2,061, 12:09

Xenthus i saw spanish ppl open 1 rw in ePT against Spanish in name off Portugal...should Spanish Gov pay to ePT for that? if you dont whant portuguese ppl fighting agains spain why refuse ePT to enter in TWO? and explain the facts, because i dont find nothing problematic for you to say "we break the nap"

zmeuNY Day 2,061, 11:21

when you pay money, it's not FRIENDSHIP anymore !

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,061, 12:11

Things said right. Portugal lost the 500.000 CC in April by signing an MPP with Canada. Then Spain put 400.000 CC of that money back into a new pact, giving some money every month to portugal while NAP is being respected. So actually Spain is paying money to Portugal. We can do more for this matter? Of course we can. Portugal also can do better for it too. But not on a media article.

zmeuNY Day 2,061, 12:20

the media will give you chlamydia

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,061, 12:22

I always use condom in unknown media, im such a careful man

Fairy King
Fairy King Day 2,061, 12:36


Absinthium Day 2,061, 13:45

what a great lie lolol

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,061, 13:47

wheres the lie?

Absinthium Day 2,061, 18:34

here: 'Then Spain put 400.000 CC of that money back into a new pact,' this never happened lol, you take 100k cc and the rest remained there, you even dont know how much is there and i tell you: 370k

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