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Day 1,844, 07:33 Published in Japan Japan by darlosworld

So when I came back from the dead I was prompted to join a political party. Before leaving for a while I was a member of the Desu Workers Party, staying with the party (mainly due to bone-idleness) when most of the members left to join the SOS Brigade. Losing an election in which I'd promised to keep some party fundamentals, I'd left the party.

I'd joined the Dai Nippon Party (wiki article not (yet?) available) as they are the largest political party. I joined for the sake of simplicity, especially as I had to (and still have to) get used to many of the changes that took place while I was away.

Voting for them in both congressional and the recent presidentials (again for the sake of simplicity, mainly), I found myself thinking that I really should think about finding a party that's right for me. When I came back, a friend (IRL) of mine who'd originally played in Thailand also came back, applying for Japanese citizenship. Unfortunately it was rejected with no reason given.

I've never been in congress, so I know little about the ins and outs of the Diet, though I have been following the action on the forum and trying to follow along. So I'm also going to consider the possibility of running for congress in whatever party I join, with the (as of right now anyway) single policy of accepting my mates citizen request. I'll be open and honest, I wouldn't be a person holding the immigration door open, this is just for my buddy.


So, let the party searching begin!



darlosworld Day 1,844, 07:50

And I've just realised with the party president elections just around the corner parties' actions are liable to change. ¬_¬

Koragi Day 1,844, 07:56

Lol not by much though. But Dai Nippon Party is a terrible party. Support eJapans smaller parties!

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,844, 08:38

Dai Nippon Power was known as Imperial Sun Party, later Team Nippon and now with the current name.

Oraizan Day 1,844, 09:08

But the DNP hasn't resembled the ISP from your time and mine Darlos, for a long time. You're more than welcome in the SOS Brigade.

Also, the reason not many people are being accepted right now is because we have no laws for immigration. I apologize that nobody let you or your friend know, but if he waits and tries later then maybe he'll find a different result.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,844, 10:27

sakurakai is PTOd

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,844, 10:30

ポーランドには寒すぎる。 😕
Too bad desu is no longer.

ShinigamiTM Day 1,845, 23:15


Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,845, 09:56

You have no reason to leave Dai Nippon Party :3

@Koragi : Please watch your mouth, because I will not tolerate this kind of insulting behaviour! We have more than 15 times party members more than your Otaku Force, and calling DNP a terrible party is an act against almost one-seventh of the citizens of eJapan.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,845, 16:17

oy kitsune, go do your job.

Heyu.JP Day 1,845, 16:21

@Hizaya: he is doing it, like a good dog.- wof wof

Akki Day 1,845, 20:14

Don't forget United Lolies of Japan, lol. We are still around, just like the good old days.

darlosworld Day 1,846, 03:41

Let's take a punt at replying to everyone. ところで、今日は雪が降っていたほど寒かった。嫌だった。

@Koragi - I actually read the date of the election wrong and thought it was this weekend.

@SoFresh - Thanks for that info. I didn't know about the name changing.

@Oraizan - Thanks for the welcome.

@Tyrranus Lord - Thanks for that info.

@Yagami - I wouldn't say too bad, given that the election I lost was all about the change. ポーランドへ行ったことがない。

@ShinigamiTM - 冬休みに東京に行くつもりで、その冬らしくない気温を楽しみにしてるよ!

darlosworld Day 1,846, 03:42

@Kitsune Usureki - By similar wording I had no reason to join the Dai Nippon Party. Please be aware that (as I wrote in the article itself) I joined out of convenience, and am now looking for a party right for me.

@Hizaya Wold - Lol

@Heyu.JP - Also lol.

@Akki - I noticed the familiar logo, it's good to see that some parties have survived the test of time ... well, a couple of years.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,846, 06:15

@HeyuJP : I am no dog! -.- Kitsune means "fox", not dog T,T And I am no pet of Geezus neither - he has my symphaty, and we talk a lot and that is all. I have my own opinion and will, and I am working in the congress and the cabinet to serve eJapan in all the way I can.

@Hizaya : I am doing my job. Because I have. Can you say the same? 🙁

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 1,846, 07:24

Kitsune, for how much can I purchase you?

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