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Day 2,104, 10:15 Published in South Africa South Africa by Nickerball

Reading through all the platforms for the upcoming election tomorrow again made me realize that it’s nothing new.
“Vote for us. We are what you need.”
Every election is the same over and over again.

As IA’s PP I took it upon myself to make this term : What the hell. Just for once lets make it fun.
Go out there and vote. No matter who you vote for, but just be one who can turn around and say I did it the fun way. I had some fun doing it

Next term we can all go back being serious again. Go for the kill



Miyagiyoda Day 2,104, 13:56


Enbaros Day 2,104, 14:37

That is well known, though. All president must act like Mr. Bean when they are in office. Some of them even appeared in some movies.

kuckuck Day 2,104, 17:10


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