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Let's Make things Interesting, or: How to fix the Country

Day 1,642, 04:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy

Friends, Romans etc

If I were to tell you that the eUK was 'broken' you no doubt laugh in my face, inform of the dragged out conflict that has happened on our shores and then question why I would see fit to point it out when it is something that surely everyone already knew.

If I were to go on and point out that I wasn't talking about the military module you might feel silly and offer an apology, if you were Goku Jones you might make a sarcastic comment on how I probably plan on creating my own new wonderful module, and if you were Johnobrow you might say that such a module exists and that only the proletariat has realised it.

Regardless of all that, I want to let you in on a secret. A less obvious part of the eUK, is broken.

I googled shock and I guess this can work

Despite my choice of image, we aren't home alone. In fact issues with naughty citizenship grantings and the fact that we're members of the largest alliance are both possible avenues for arguing that, we're practically having a house party right now. But that's besides the point, what actually is broken, is our congress.

Took me three paragraphs and a picture to say that, purely because I know that half of you have just stopped reading and I wanted my money's worth. I shall now go on to discuss an idea that I have been brewing for months but never really see the need to release. Recently I have spoken to friends and various congressmen/government chaps about it, and thought I may aswell write a tl;dr article voicing my views.


There are many possible reasons why we have found ourselves with an utterly naff and boring do-nothing Congress. I thought I would briefly outline my favourites before discussing my wonderful cure-all solution.

Firstly, float voting. In an ideal world my articles on how crap it is would change the world and we'd all be happy, but we're far from perfect and so too is the notion of float voting.

Floating can be considered the prime cause of naff Congressmen. Naff Congressmen always get elected, BUT IN MY DAY they sure as dixie didn't get re-elected. And there was never that many anyway, and the rest of us got on having fun debating the issues of life and discussing legislation.

The domination of naff Congressmen, has led to the total complacency and uninvolvement of Parliament. By that I simply mean, Congress stopped doing anything and stopped caring. A culture of entitlement has arisen in which Congress only ever deviates from what it is told to do when a poo-storm brews. Which in itself only serves to make poo-storms worse.

Interesting to note that the competition between parties and do nothing culture of Parliament will actually lead to more poo-storms and infighting because people will simply look for something to do.

This is a picture of two men who are so bored with eUK politik they they have decided to beat each other to death for fun

Anyway, to summarise: Float voting has caused a crap and lazy Congress which has facilitated total authoritarian control from the CP's office. This is bad because Parliament's role as regulator has completely deteriorated (evidence can be found in the fact that the complacency has affected teh performance of the MoHA, which hasn't been as great as it once was for a long time), it does nothing, and people run to get their 5g then go to sleep. The only element of competition that exists is between parties waving their peens.

Some of you may feel that this isn't necessarily a problem. Perhaps Parliament neglecting to remember it can impeach (nothing new here) and so forgetting it's wider role can be seen as a bad thing. Heck, to some it may seem good. But I don't propose we change that. I just want to make things a bit more interesting.

A foreign solution


I am of the opinion that the easiest way to 'fix' our Congress lies in our ability to a) harness party rivalries and make them into something healthy and give Congress something to do. Dishmcds recently opened a thread on our forums discussing the option of forcing ministry work upon Congressmen, however the idea I have been fermenting for about 7 months now (but have never been brave enough to suggest) found its roots in the structure of such governments as the eDutch, who I believe still operate a similar system.

We need to split our 'domestic' (or internal) ministries from our 'foreign affairs' (or external ministries). The internal ministries are then operated by Congress, and the country president and a handful of ministers operate the external ministries.

You may ask how this helps, well as mentioned it gives Congress something to do. That in itself will begin to remove the number of naff Congressmen, purely because who is and who isn't working will be picked up on by the House. This point is reinforced if we give domestic control to the party with the most Congressmen (with the option of forming coalitions) which which utilise party rivalry to prevent PP's from running naff Congressmen in the first place. It also makes Politics here far more fun as it introduces that lovable aspect of eRepublik that is roleplay. (I'm the King rahrahrah)

On domestics itself, such rivalry will also spur people to do a better job (something that hasn't existed in domestics for a long time) as it will apply a very direct sense of accountability to the MoHA. Similarly, it will also create a better sense of continuity. If you're wondering why that matters, read this.

The elimination of naff Congressmen will reinstate the regulatory sense Parliament plays towards what would be the external government, simply because rising competence and awareness of the roles and powers of Congress will allow them to take up such a role confidently and competently. And in doing so ladies and gentlemen, we would have fixed Congress.

In the mean time if you want to help just stop float voting. Or if you're asked to float vote, read the guys manifesto and if you don't like the cut of his jib, defy your party president and vote for someone else!

Re-democratisation is the only other way to get us out of this mess, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

To summarise completely:

Congress is currently naff.

Splitting domestic and non-domestic ministries and putting congress entirely in charge of domestic duties gives Parliament a role and will weed out naff Congressmen.

New ways of approaching politics and an element of rivalry and roleplay will make it so much more interesting.

Woldy is great.


Based on the success and comments on this article, I may put this to legislation over the week. The only tricky parts in the ordeal are quite how to form coalitions and quite what to do with the Ministry of Finance. Although I am inclined to place that as an external ministry as Congress already controls its own funds; a separate role of managing the economy could be considered as domestic so some crossover emerges and redefining who does what monetarily will be required.

Thanks for Reading,
His Wonderful most Benevolent and Holy Highness, HRH King Woldy I,


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Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,642, 04:16

I thought you died.


Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,642, 04:23


Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,642, 04:23

Lily is an example of the problem everyone~

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,642, 04:23

He is dead, its an Ouija board to jimbojoy.

Waruda Day 1,642, 04:24

That sounds like a good idea.

bobbinbob Day 1,642, 04:32

Sounds Good

GregoryG Day 1,642, 04:45

Woldy must never die. Also who is 2nd in line of royal succession? Because Thatcher might need to be skiped.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,642, 04:46

Haha, I believe it is currently Sir Digby CC

Jordee14 Day 1,642, 04:50

Great article, I hope you don't mind me plugging my article here, but I also had some ideas on congress, their accountability and ideas to encourage active citizens to be members of congress and not just gold hunters.
By sneaking a plug in here perhaps my fledgling effort will get some more exposure and quick comments, so sorry for being cheeky.

Lord Reincarnate
Lord Reincarnate Day 1,642, 04:51

couldnt agree more with what you say about congress. running for the medal seems to be the main reason for most. solution seems great.

awesome article, voted and subbed.

Thomas765 Day 1,642, 05:13

Good. This, I like. x D


rems2a Day 1,642, 05:19


Aarren Day 1,642, 05:22

WOLDY !!!!!!!!!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,642, 05:30

Could work

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 1,642, 05:40

It is certainly an interesting idea. I understand:

Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Recruitment

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Where do these fit in:
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Finance
plus any others...

Snugz Day 1,642, 05:44

votail si

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,642, 05:48

@Max- open to interpretation but I'd say Defence external and finance internal- with a trusted person in place as a govt figurehead only to prevent theft.

FragUK Day 1,642, 06:03

Sounds good.. voted..\o/

Alan Hammond
Alan Hammond Day 1,642, 06:05

very good ideas.

N W G Day 1,642, 06:30

Good idear in theory but 50% of votes come from 2 clickers that dont take much of a intrest in game and thus you will always get as you put it naff congressmen.

Also i dont see how giving congressmen a job as it where would also help eliminate the problem. In all forms of jobs in ever day life you have people who dont have a clue but somehow get by and even get promoted above the silent hard workers.

N W G Day 1,642, 06:36

One of the things we need to stop is people thinking of congress as a joke or not needed.After all in recent terms how many congressmen have stepped down due to the government wanting them elsewhere or in a different country for example.Such act seem to belittle the point of even having congress when those voted in are asked to resign and move on.
The whole point of congress has been lost, some think the only point of needing it is access funds. To fix congress we need to find its purpose again

Alexander J. Burrell
Alexander J. Burrell Day 1,642, 07:54

I like the article. I've never understood why it is that we get a Prime Minister elected who then proceeds to build a multi-party coalition every time. Boring!

Let's have a PM who is Commander in Chief - with a free reign militarily and diplomatically on external affairs, but with a strong Parliament who run the internal ministries, and provide scrutiny to foreign affairs.

More to follow...

Alexander J. Burrell
Alexander J. Burrell Day 1,642, 07:56

However, finances are the be-all-and-end-all, and it's important that both elements have some "skin in the game". I propose the PM gets to set a budget, either overall per term, with provisions for emergencies, or per "project" on an ad hoc basis. Such budgets should only be vetoed by a two-thirds vote of Parliament.

iGuy Day 1,642, 09:09

I suggest teaching the 2-clickers who is a bad choice and who deserves to be in congress; who is the blocker? The naff one? The good one?



Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,642, 09:21

Finance and Defence would be external, for obvious reasons, I after spending years in military command etc I don't think the PM should be CiC, a MoD etc has more continuity

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,642, 14:49

Finance needs to be someone who's got a very good reputation to lose if they steal.

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,642, 20:28

Float voting means exactly the opposite of how it's used here...

holbs Day 1,643, 00:23

Heil Woldy!

Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,643, 01:27

There is a reason the congress don't do anything, actually using the congressional powers implemented into the game will get you warned, reprimanded or banned for life from the most anally retentive circle-jerk society in this game

DillTheDog Day 1,643, 02:58

Finance independant.... Congress controlling Finance would turn into a joke, and a potentially corrupt Congress, PM controlling Finance would lead to empty coffers.

A job for someone whose sole purpose is to balance the budget, with the additional option of looking for ways for the country to make money. Worked in my day - well almost. Only thing needed is to give Finance a brief of what money is needed for what, and then work out a plan that makes it all sustainable.

Just my 2p

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,643, 04:29

Float voting isn't described here Douglas you madman

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,643, 05:40

My mistake. I'd assumed that all the references to float voting were about... float voting. I stand corrected! ; )

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,643, 09:02

You've been at my stash you scamp

GameChanger Day 1,643, 09:41

Hmm. If we make Congressmen pay their Congress Gold to the eU.K. coffers, you might make young players less interested in politics. Being a Congressman is a big responsibility, and if we remove the incentive, the congress will be full of OldFags.

(no offense oldies, but younger players should have a chance)

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,643, 11:14

Part of the problem too is that some parties seem to operate a general policy of not employing anyone from the UKPP party. As the PM said in his artical announcing his selection of Baroness Margaret Thatcher into his cabinet:

"I know a lot people are prepared to give me shit for appointing a UKPP Minister"

Despite until recently the UKPP being the second largest party in the eUK, it has been woefully under represented in positions of power. Regardless of what people think of Sir Nick and

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,643, 11:17

the now departed Alfagrem, there are plenty of more than capable individuals who are being dismissed simply on grounds of party politics rather than ability.

eLiam Day 1,643, 13:26

I think forcing ministry work upon congressmen is a good idea actually.

I have realised that even though I have bee active and done things in the eMiddle East of the eWorld as a congressman there is a lot of inactivity, no one comes onto #parliaments, the only people I can remember seeing on there is me, bobbinbob, the CP and one other.

We need to fix congress certainly, filter out the bad and bring in the good, re-elect the ones who are able and will succeed this country.

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,643, 15:39

Hands it back... sheepishly...

George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw Day 1,643, 23:41

I thought you died.


Doores Day 1,644, 01:51

Woldy for world overlord.

Indorsed by a noob no-one knows 😉


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