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Lauren Eilola Myth or Reality?

Day 2,310, 14:47 Published in USA USA by Nesterus

Many times in the past it has been a PTO tactic to utilize a female avatar to try to gain a little bit of edge by playing the woman on the internet card™. The Liberty Advancement Party has recently discovered that a simple Google Search reveals that Lauren Eliola is a model, OH GIGGITY.

Here are a few photos

This is the thumbnail for her Newspaper The Lola Life, notice that it comes from the website "modelmayhem"

Another Lauren Eilola picture from modelmayhem

compare to her avatar

It would be pretty awesome to have an aspiring model in the party right???? To bad that isn't the case, Lauren Eilola was recently blacklisted by the eUSA congress for engaging in PTO activity, you can view the vote here:,30833.0.html
LAP members please do not be fooled by the man behind that curtain that controls Lauren Eilola's avatar on this game.

Play us off keyboard cat



Nesterus Day 2,310, 14:52

first for girls on the internet

MazzyCat Day 2,310, 14:57

Fakers making it harder on us REAL women... >.>

Meow! ♥

Disco Musolini
Disco Musolini Day 2,310, 14:57

Is Keyboard Kat behind Lauren Eilola?

Garmr Day 2,310, 15:02

If someone claims to be a woman on the internet just ask her if she knows me. If she doesn't, it's a fucking man.

olivermellors Day 2,310, 15:21

????? you mean this player isn't using their real name !!!!! And the avatar isn't a real pic of themselves !!### WOW! Shocking revelation!!!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,310, 15:34

That player claimed he/she is Lauren Eilola, it's a big difference.
One is using Brad Pitt's picture for avatar, but caliming you are Brad Pitt is something else, don't you agree?

olivermellors Day 2,310, 15:51

Hi thor: I am not really Oliver Mellors even though my avatar is of an actor playing Oliver Mellors. Is the player claiming to be the actual real life 25 year old californian actresse/model named Lauren Eilola?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,310, 16:23

We will soon find out 🙂

olivermellors Day 2,310, 17:02

I don't understand.. Your reply, above, and the whole article certainly strongly implied that the player was actually claiming to be Lauren Eilola --- even though her player name is spelled "Ellola".... so is the implication just misplaced? i.e. has the player actually ever said anything about RL i.e. "i'm a 25 year old model from california"? 'cause if not, this is beginning to look like a really bad hatchet job... However, I don't play in the US so this will be my last word on a subject which I found mildly troubling.

Oblige Day 2,310, 19:33

Oliver she actually insists that she is using her real name, and has claimed a Twitter and Facebook account for this person.

Wienersburg Day 2,310, 23:57

It isn't her. They stole her identity:

Old Patron
Old Patron Day 2,310, 17:01


Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,310, 20:13

Trust me there really are woman on the interwebs! Just not this person

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Day 2,310, 20:52

But I really am Thomas Jefferson.

SwiftStrike74 Day 2,312, 02:59

And I'm George Washington. CP team made in heaven xD

Frade Eremita
Frade Eremita Day 2,310, 21:44

And, for really, I am a franciscan friar. 😛

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,310, 22:25

I'm 175 years old.
no, really.. I am.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,310, 22:25

true story

TellUrGrlThx Day 2,310, 23:07

Also confirming this as a true story as well.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,310, 23:40

Trust me... I think I have had more phone time with this man than anyone... he IS 175 years old!

Wienersburg Day 2,310, 23:35

This is a hoax. Some weird creep stole Lauren's identity and photographs and is using them on this website. Please delete your account, you odd, lonely scumbag.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,310, 23:38

You people take this game too seriously.

For the record... i am REALLY Jude Connors -

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 2,311, 08:32


Wienersburg Day 2,310, 23:59

Hey guys, here is proof that this person stole Lauren's pics/info:

Evil.Elvis Day 2,311, 01:38

I don't know what you guys are talking about...

I actually am James Dean.

SenoritaLaura Day 2,311, 04:34

But I've heard that you've died in a car crash??

Kortanul Day 2,311, 07:32

He lives on through eRep.

Director9 Day 2,311, 02:25

Could someone tell me who I am? Somewhere along the line I lost that bit of information about my RL identity 🙂

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Day 2,311, 06:15

real women don't fake it, they EAT MORE CHICKEN

eShades Day 2,311, 07:57

Don't worry, Lauren Eilola, 25-year-old model and actress, I believe in you.

Jason the Great
Jason the Great Day 2,311, 08:18

I'm not really Jason the Great, but I do play him on TV.

Dr_Devil Day 2,311, 09:56

Caligynephobia. Think about it!

Skarbrandus Day 2,311, 09:59

People, I just saw how another RGR was born..Only rgr was serbian agent and this was just a woman who ruined some "big" people's day by not staying silent over exclusion on LAP primaries..And over that all, you now even write she's claiming to be something RL..
From her posts PERSONALLY I saw, she wasn't claiming anything, she was absolutely polite (as opposed to some of you guys) and what she said about some current LAP guys was absolutely true.
All she told has actually happened to me as well, so if you're tagging people you find bad for yourselves - tag me a PTO threat too, please.
I'm so bad, I wrote I live in Ukraine. And I'll write again: such articles reminds me of Putin. You guys are embarrassingly funny.

SwiftStrike74 Day 2,312, 03:02

It doesn't actually matter whether she said "I am --this person--" or not. If the REAL person doesn't want this person using her name, she can stop them from doing so.

Gnilraps Day 2,311, 10:08

I'm actually a rain dog

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 2,311, 11:19

I love how LAP is bitching about this smut when we kick her out of the AMP after she tried to PTO

Oblige Day 2,311, 17:01

Where do you think she got kicked out TO?

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Day 2,311, 12:04

next thing you know, Manti Te'o will be getting blacklisted by the eUSA congress.

Vijalob Day 2,311, 18:06

If one names ones RL children using a random character or random name generator, then should they use their real names or pseudonyms in online games?

Magnanimous Day 2,311, 20:11

I'm a turtle! whoosh whoosh

PigInZen Day 2,311, 20:18

Those who have seen me in RL will attest that I am, truly, Mr. Clean.

Diggs Day 2,312, 13:05

You humans are so strange, pretending to be someone you are not! We klingons have honor that would demand satisfaction on the battle field....thats it bring this debate to the battlefield!

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