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Day 4,621, 02:54 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Ahsan

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السلام عليكم

If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

As a part of ongoing successful journey, here are some major developments occurred lately in the country.

Training War
Unfortunately, Portugal is not part of training anymore with Pakistan in our regions and Macedonia is a replacement and we will continue the same.

Resource Concession
Pakistan will continue the Resource Concession of Magnesium for Aircraft industry witb USA coming month.

Air Strike - Finland
This Air Strike is not a part of aggression but a agreed pact between both the countries of training war to be started in Finland. Thanks to our Education Minister P A L A D I N once again for getting this proposal and finalized in a decent way.

Air Force Unit
A long awaiting decision has been made today.
Now Pakistan has officially air force unit by the name of "Pakistan Air Force" has been formed under the commanding officer Bhutto. Fighting in aerial battles is the best opportunity for low rank/strength citizens. For that purpose, we specifically made a separate unit to help them.

Pride Power Pakistan!

Country President