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Kus on president ?

Day 1,885, 10:47 Published in Estonia Serbia by kjork

Oleks tore kui annaksid irc-s ennast näole.


Grand Old Man
Grand Old Man Day 1,885, 10:50

Have you considered calling via phone? At least back in the old days we used to have eachother's phone numbers in the oval office.

Erksos Day 1,885, 10:56

Nagu lasteaed.

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,885, 11:28

Näete, president üles leitud.

Ezba Day 1,885, 11:40

Valkoinen lippu kourassa Keski-Eestissä.

OliverMasin Day 1,885, 14:05

Kjork, nüüd pead minu laenatud idee eest mulle endast alasti pildi saatma!

Erksos Day 1,885, 21:10

Haha. Siis pane see pilt siia üles.

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