Kings of Lulz: The Sequel

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Readers of my first article about the Kings of Lulz suggested other locations to examine for recent PTOs. Thanks to those readers, this column will look at three more possible political takeovers (PTOs) in the Feb 25 and March 5 election cycle.

To summarize my previous column: I contend that PTOs are a much graver global security threat than military invasion because (a) no declaration of war is required; (😎 the cost & manpower requirements are greatly reduced; (c) control of an entire nation -- not just one region at a time -- can be achieved quickly and silently; and (d) control of the treasury is a gold bonanza for the plunderers.

OK, now let's look at those three PTOs:

eSingapore -- In eRepublik, newly created nations are endowed by the Admin with 1000 gold in their treasury. In eSingapore -- like most new nations -- this 'birthday gift' from the Admin caused a gold rush by competing Atlantis and PEACE operatives.

The first eSingapore Congress, seated Feb 25, shipped the birthday gold overseas within 48 hours. First, ashkan_hg, an apparent PEACE asset with the Third Group of Mafia party, failed 2-7 in his attempt to transfer the gold to MKWB, an org in Romania. But in a 5-4 vote Romanian elveon, an apparent Atlantis asset, of the Communist Party succeeded in getting the gold transfered to SVGR org in Western Transdanubia, Hungary. Two further transfers totalling 80,000 SGD (or about 400-600 Gold) were sent to SVGR a few days later.

On Mar 5, Arbryn, an apparent Atlantis asset, won the presidency on the Singapore Republican Party ticket by 46-40 against ashkan_hg. Arbryn had the support of three other parties, so it's unclear how many bonafide Singaporans supported her. She is currently facing an open vote on impeachment. The Singapore Republican Party includes well-known eAmerican William Shafer in congress.

eSerbia -- Frankly, I'm not convinced this was a PTO. Like eSingapore, eSerbia is a new nation that held its first elections this cycle, and so they also had their birthday gold as bait for the PTO plunderers.

On Feb 26, one day after its first Congress was seated, Congressman janjordy, of the Stranka Stamenih Hrvata party, proposed sending eSerbia's 1000 birthday gold to Narodna Banka Srbije (translates as National Bank of Serbia) which is in Belgrade, eSerbia. The motion carried 23-14. Yes, janjordy has a record of fighting for Atlantis members. However, both janjordy & the money have stayed in eSerbia. The move caused spasms in the RSD currency market, but that appears to have calmed down. This appears to be a legitimate defensive move by eSerbians to protect the birthday gold. The eUS has done a similar thing -- creating the Fort Knox org -- after our treasury was looted in January.

Back in eSerbia, President BorKan of the Stranka Stamenih Hrvata party was elected on Mar 5. He has a short history of fighting for Atlantis causes. He faced an impeachment challenge from the opposition party one day after being elected, which failed 18-18 (impeachment requires a 2/3 vote in favor to pass). The congressman who filed impeachment has no history as a fighter for either Atlantis or PEACE.

ePakistan -- Frankly, ePakistan is baffling. For the most part, it appears to be a bonafide Atlantis-based PTO. However, as a three-week newb, its continued status as the seat of PEACE makes ePakistan a little bit of a mystery.

About Feb 21, ePakistan declared war on eIndonesia at the request of its president AgentChieftain of the Stardust Crusaders party. On Feb 27, the newly seated ePakistan congress signed an MPP with Romania and successfully impeached AgentChieftain as requested by Big_Brother of the Operation Great Justice party, a well known Atlantis partisan.

Starting Feb 27, a series of 'donations' by ePakistan sent much of their cash and gold to an org called United Forces located in Dublin, Ireland. United Forces owns United Arms, a Q4 weapons company in Dublin that has export licenses to Romania and Norway. Much of the money transfers were done at the request of ePaki Congressman Victor Petrescu of Operation Great Justice who is an Atlantis fighter & who appears connected to United Forces. On Mar 5, Han Solo of the Operation Great Justice party, was elected president apparently cementing the hold on PEACE-based ePakistan by Atlantis.

Thank you to my readers for the tips! Keep 'em coming. 🙂

Editors note: This column is aimed at an eUS audience, which is often preoccupied with tax rates and Operation Taco Bell.