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Kingdom of the eNetherlands

Day 2,196, 14:23 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Kordak

Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

We are finally an independent country again, the Polish troops are gone! It is time to restore our great Kingdom back to glory. Only because it was the wish of the people I decided it was time to claim my rightful title: King of the Netherlands

Why would I claim this title now? It is simple; there always was one problem in our community. We were occupied by a foreign power and they are gone. It is time to be a united people in this very big world! And I will do my best to unite our people every day a bit more and if you think this is idiot, well I’m just making some fun 😛

My first thing to do as new King is to raise a few people in the nobility. There are titles of Lord and Lady available for every region. And every Lord and Lady will get the right to give five people the title of Knight.

Hereby I grant the title of Lord to the following people:

- M. de Ruyter from now on known as Lord M. de Ruyter. Lord of the Southern Netherlands and protector of the Kingdom.

- Weekstrom from now on known as Lord Weekstrom, Lord of the Eastern Netherlands and protector of the Kingdom.

- ElGorro from now on known as Lord ElGorro, Lord of the Western Netherlands and protector of the Kingdom.

- Odan from now on known as Lord Odan, Lord of the Northern Netherlands and protector of the Kingdom.

- NoTie12 from now on known as Lord NoTie12, Lord of the Northwest Territories and protector of the Kingdom

- Marnix Maximus from now on known as Lord Marnix Maximus, Lord of Yukon and protector of the Kingdom

- Walhallah from now on known as Lord Walhallah, Lord of British Columbia and protector of the Kingdom

Also every month the democractic chosen President will get the title of Lord of the Kingdom and will also be a protector of the Kingdom. For this month:

Lord MaartenW, Lord of the Kingdom, and Protector of the Kingdom. Also he will be granted the title of Governor of Sint Maarten. etc etc etc 😛

One last thing, hereby I present you Lancer450, Jester of the court of the Netherlands.

Congratulations to everyone with your new title’s more will follow in the future!

Long live the Kingdom!
King Kordak


MaartenW Day 2,196, 14:30

Where is MaartenW Governor of Sint Maarten ?

Kordak Day 2,196, 14:33

Just gave you this position of honor Lord MaartenW

lancer450 Day 2,196, 14:32

This could actually add some depth to the meta game once more. 😃 Can I be a jester? xD

Kordak Day 2,196, 14:37

I am a King of the people and gave you a place in my court

lancer450 Day 2,196, 14:51

Thank you so much, Your Majesty.

/me bows

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,196, 14:57

very nice \o/

Shoi12 Day 2,196, 15:03

Can I be minister for the overseas colony of New Netherlands?

Kordak Day 2,196, 15:37

Ministers are still under the President 😛

SpikyJade2700 Day 2,197, 00:19


2.D.G Day 2,196, 15:32

B-but what about me?

I've been doing the most hitting over the past month in division 3 for now. :<

Kordak Day 2,196, 15:39

Every Lord could appoint Knights. Also I wanted to appoint 1 Lord for every big party 🙂

Brokenlove Day 2,197, 07:16

That was because i wasn't there yet. Now your second ❤

PepaVeg Day 2,196, 16:41

Pero que linda fotografía (la primera) 😃

Kordak Day 2,197, 00:40

A real Dutch landscape 😉

ElGorro Day 2,196, 20:36


Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 2,196, 22:12

Call me the black sheep : )

GEN. DE LA REY Day 2,196, 22:42

Hail oh powerful king Kordak. Now that you are back in charge can you please arrange an airstrike on Warsaw, the time is right,they will never expect it. It is time to expand your kingdom, and I really want to be granted the title of "Destroyer of Warsaw".

Kordak Day 2,197, 00:37

Warsaw? No that is not enough my dear Lady. We will first conquer Europe and after that march into Asia. When that is done we will take the Americas. The world will burn under the feets of the Royal Army. Mwhaha ow australia you said? No I didn't forgot them.. Just didn't think it was worth a invasion 😛

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 2,197, 06:43

Better help zhe Germans hold the line if you ask me 😛 The longer they will stand their ground, the longer your kingdom gets to keep it's land 🙂
Quite funny actually... I hadn't looked at the map for a couple of days and last night when i finally did i laughed my ass off. Congratulations eNL and it's good to see the whole of the Netherlands back on the map!

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 2,197, 23:36

I declare Yukon independent 😛

Kordak Day 2,197, 00:38

Your Rebellion have failed Kingslayer!

odan Day 2,197, 03:56

all people from the north remember! winter is coming....

Kordak Day 2,197, 05:57

The National Shield and preatorian guard will defend us.. Poland is just a legend.. 😛

odan Day 2,197, 06:17

i wouldn't trust PG to protect my underwear drawer let alone the wall 😛

Gwom Day 2,197, 04:30

oh Magnificent Lord Weekstrom, hereby I offer my services as a Knight of the Eastern Netherlands...

Shtula Day 2,197, 06:10

Vote! \o/

JohnCV Day 2,197, 06:44

long live the king!
Ps: is there also a queen?

Kordak Day 2,197, 07:01

We should definitly add that! Hehe

Schoft Day 2,197, 20:39

Looks like you can be the queen

Garmr Day 2,197, 10:26

But but but we already have an emperor..

Kordak Day 2,197, 10:40

We had a emperor.. But that was long ago.. Anyways you deserve a proper title for that, have already been looking for that. 😛

Garmr Day 2,197, 10:27

True Dutch royalty though to pop up when the occupation is over 😛

Schoft Day 2,197, 20:38

History repeats itself 😉

Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 2,197, 15:40

Hail Lord Jopie

Uschmidt Day 2,198, 02:38

Call me Monsieur Guillotine, hahahahahah!

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