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Day 1,607, 07:07 Published in USA Peru by David Wilson

Congress Mechanics

Ever wondered how congress elections work? What are blockers? Why is experience important? Do I have to vote for the state I live in?

Today we take a look at the mechanics of congress and hope to answer all your questions.

The first article on Natural Enemy can be found HERE

The second article on Raw Materials and Resource Bonuses can be found HERE

To become a candidate for congress, you must have at least 300 Experience points (Level 15).

You must have moved to the region in which you want to candidate before you declare.

Between the 16th and 23rd of the month you can: Click on Community -My Party.


Read the statement and enter a URL for a presentation on why people should vote for you. This can be a newspaper article, a forum topic, or a link to your wiki citizen page.

Click Agree

The screen will refresh and you will get the message: You have applied to represent your party in the congress elections in (your region). The party president will select the official candidates on the 24th.

You may not be listed as the "official candidate". However, your party president has all day on the 24th to select the official candidates, so don't worry.

In order to be chosen as an official candidate, you will want to contact your party president ahead of time (usually right after party president elections on the 16th). In the case of the American Military Party, you will want to fill out this application:

Once you declare in-game, the Run for Congress button will be replaced with two new buttons:

Click the resign button to resign from the candidacy.
Click the Edit Presentation button to edit the URL for your presentation.

Only candidates in the top five parties will be allowed to run for office.

The total number of congress members representing a region will be a minimum of one and a maximum of 10, depending on the number of regions in each country. The normal number of congress members is 40. The full division of congress seats depending on the number of regions can be seen in the table below:


Blockers are official candidates chosen by a party president without the intent of winning their race. They are asked to fill a candidate spot to "block" out potential PTOers or otherwise untrusted candidates.

Blockers are essential to national security as a rogue congressman getting into congress can cost the nation $800,000 in donate proposals as well as grant citizenship to about 20 immigrants who can in-turn vote or run themselves.

Side-note: the number of citizenship approvals each congressman gets is equal to 10% of the country's voting population divided by the number of congress members.

The Voting System is the method by which democratic elections take place simultaneously throughout eRepublik.

These elections take place each month and require citizens to have at least 270 experience points (EP) or level 14 in order to be allowed to vote. Every time a citizen votes, they receive 1 EP.

On the 5th of the month citizens can vote on Presidential elections that are taking place in a country.
On the 15th of the month citizens can vote on Party elections if they are members of a party. (Citizens can also vote on Captain elections if they are a member of a Military unit)
On the 25th of the month citizens can vote on Congress elections in their residential country.

If a citizen has already voted in a country/party, they are not allowed to vote again even if they change their country/party in the same day.
The official results won't be released until 6 hours after the election has finished.

In order to be a candidate for congress elections, a citizen needs at least 300 EP (level 15). Every time they are elected, they receive 20 EP.

In order to be a candidate for party president elections, a citizen needs at least 335 EP (level 16). Every time they are elected, they receive 20 EP.

In order to be a candidate for country president elections, a citizen needs at least 410 EP (level 18). Every time they are elected as President, they receive 50 EP.

For Congress elections, you must first move to the region you want to vote in.

Once entered on the voting page there are 3 possible situations:
1. If a citizen has enough experience points in order to vote and they have not voted yet a list of candidates will appear. A vote is placed by pressing the vote button. After voting, a congratulation message and partial results will appear.
2. If a citizen does not have 80 experience points, a notification message will appear followed by a list of partial results.
3. If a citizen has enough experience points in order to vote, but they have already voted they will receive a list of partial results.

If two candidates are tied for votes, the candidate with higher experience points wins the tie.

Duties of Congress Members

1. Voting on proposals proposed by the President.
2. Propose laws
3. Accept citizenship requests

Most countries have a slightly more advanced system where Congress Members can register at forums to discuss and decide on a lot more things than just sitting and voting on proposals.

Clicking on "propose a law" enables a congress member to make the following proposals, of which they can make two (2) per month. A congress member can resign from his/her position by clicking the "resign" button.

For every proposed law, there will be a Debate link for the Congress members/President to specify a discussion area.

While Congress Members can propose only 2 laws in a month, the President can propose an unlimited number of laws.

If the law's voting process (24 hours) has not completed, the same type of law can not be proposed. An exception is the case of Buy Constructions where the President can propose multiple laws in parallel (costs Gold and only lasts one hour).

In order for a law to pass, a majority of votes must be in-favor (in case of a tie the law is rejected), even if only one vote has been expressed.

Exceptions are the Presidential Impeachment and Natural Enemy laws, which require a 66% super-majority.

The President can also vote on proposed laws.

Interesting fact

If you leave your party or your country, you will not lose your Congress seat. The only way to lose the seat is to resign from Congress.

The President and Congress Members will receive a private message announcing if
1. his/her country declared as natural enemy or
2. his/her country's treasury does not have enough fund to support the next 500 new citizens.

Duties of Congress Members

1. Vote on proposals proposed by the President
2. Propose laws
3. Accept citizenship requests

Most countries have a slightly more advanced system where Congress Members can register on forums to discuss and decide proposals ahead of time, as well as any other meta-game laws.

Once again, I hope you found this guide useful and encourage recommendations for future topics in the comments.

Thank you to Dokomo for recommending this timely topic as Congress elections draw near.



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