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Keep Calm, eIsrael!

Day 1,922, 07:31 Published in Israel Israel by Sam Krak

Hello there, friends!

So, we've been occupied by the eSerbs for quite some time. Even I'm saddened by this, and I'm one heck of an optimistic person! With that in mind however, know that this is only temporary, and that our government is hard at work to make sure we achieve our independence once again.

During my tenure as President, I was lucky enough to not have any wars going on. eIsrael was in top shape, and that is what is expected of a nation at peace.

So why does that change during occupation? THERE'S NO REASON!

There's a depressing feeling around here, and I don't like it. As we continue this occupation, get some happiness in here!

Here, start with this- Gallon Smashing!

Didn't you laugh? Of course!

Now, eIsrael. I have faith. Faith in our government, our people, and our allies. We're strong. It'll hopefully just a few more days or weeks. And if it's longer, so what? We've made it this far, we'll keep on truckin.




T White II
T White II Day 1,922, 07:33


RoaiTG Day 1,922, 08:01

EPICness is our bitch, hail eIsrael

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 1,922, 09:01


danis1982 Day 1,922, 15:26

Voted, Belive me Sam, we are doing everything we can and we are going to keep pushing!

Der Golem
Der Golem Day 1,922, 15:27


John TG
John TG Day 1,922, 16:37


Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,922, 22:10

great article as always Sam, however i think what this country of eSerbia which was once called eIsrael as you call it has been calm for a while... they have been run over by ppl telling them to go along with whatever they say and have not really cared to be honest... they have been very calm this is why they are in the situation they are in now... nobody was willing to make a stand ... to have honour... everyone was laying down and being calm.... this is what got eIsrael in the state it is today.

Sam Krak
Sam Krak Day 1,924, 03:57

At this point, you are most correct. It was more of just a hopeful article idea, but I totally see your point. WE NEED MORE OPINION. And more activity. That'd be a great start.

Filthy McNasty Day 1,924, 13:27

Comment deleted

TaoLaoTzu Day 1,922, 22:41


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