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Day 2,182, 17:56 Published in USA USA by Merle Corey

I know that some of you have trouble remembering the difference between "prostrate" and "prostate."

The World-Famous Mayo Clinic recommends the following simple rhyme:

If two R's are around, then you're on the ground.
If one R is at hand, then it's a gland.

You are welcome.



vrpanch Day 2,182, 18:01


Niltr Day 2,182, 18:10

voted 😛

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,182, 20:17


Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 2,182, 21:41

Another helpful tip - you can have a finger in your butt in both scenarios. They are not mutually exclusive. You're welcome.

jaquanzxcx Day 2,183, 07:07


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