Day 612, 02:28 Published in Indonesia India by Azad Hind Fauj

“When we stand, the Azad Hind Fauj has to be like a wall of granite; when we march, the Azad Hind Fauj has to be like a steamroller.” Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Freedom Fighter, West Bengal, India (1897 - 1945)

India isn’t alien to the concept of foreign rule. India also isn’t alien to resilience, fierce sense of national pride, a quiet aggression towards any who threat our sovereignty. India is also a key proponent of non-violence.

eIndia has progressed on these very notions. Today it stands tall with 10 Regions, 500+ citizens, a good, clean government, ever ready to serve its precious citizens, and deliver its regions from foreign rule.

What next? I say Bengal!!

West Bengal that gave us Netaji, the RL proponent of Azad Hind, Free India movement, Bengal that produced Satyajit Ray, Oscar-winning Film-maker, and THREE out of India’s FOUR Nobel Laureates, Bengal erstwhile Capital of India till 1911, Bengal, where one of the oldest industries of India was established, Bengal, the land of Rosogolla, and Ilish Mach, Bengal, a land with numerous contributions in the fields or Science and Art, and the cradle of India’s smartest people!!!

Bengal has always been subjugated to numerous trials. The British entered India through Bengal. The Partition rendered 50lac dead. But Bengal has always been resilient, tenacious and ultimately victorious!!

Now, who will answer the call to Free eBengal? Who will rise to the challenge, the pursuit of freedom, for Bengal, for our nation? Who will take up the rich legacy of our forefathers, who gave every ounce of their being for the security of our generation and those to come? Can we really stand by and see our beloved Bangla’r mati (the Soil of Bengal) defiled by the presence of yet another foreign presence, a presence that threatens our very concept of sovereignty, freedom??

I say we rise now. I say, Rally to the call, Joy Bangla Joy Bharat (Victory for Bengal, Victory for India)! To all those who listen, we say, take heed. To all those who care not to, we say open your eyes to the might that is India. We will not let, not a single region fall. We will not ignore the cries of all our Brothers from Bengal, who thirst for freedom.

We respect eIran, for it stands good and strong. eIndia respects the integrity of eIran, and all we want to know how we can get our Region - West Bengal back? What is to be done? Open channels of discussion, I say. Let us talk. And let us make it happen, As soon as possible. I am sure the eIndian Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have taken the initiative.

The Destination is clear; determination strong. Bengal, my love, here we come.

And while we move, with dignity, courage, and resilience, I call on all of you, my eIndian brothers, do your part. Work everyday, train, fight, build up those muscles, and the intellect. Reach out to Indians across the land of eRepublik. Speak of our nation’s glory, sing a song of pride. Work in Indian companies. Buy from them. Join the forum and participate. Know your friends, and your enemies. VOTE. Every election is vital! Listen to the country’s leaders. They mean nothing but good. Contact us at anytime for all your needs. And become the unshakeable pillars on which your country, eIndia. Be a part of Azad Hindunstan!!!

And as we move, let us stand by Bengal. Let us win victory for Bengal. Let us unite Bengal with India.

To rephrase Netaji’s call: “Comrades! Let your battle cry be:” To Bengal, To Bengal!!



written by Mavrick10