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Day 1,944, 14:33 Published in South Africa Canada by Cody Caine

Join -RISE-
RISE - Resistance Initiative Supporting Equality

You might ask yourself, "Why should I join RISE?"
-A party for all its members.

-A party that will always push to support the country first.

-A social party as well, for members interested, and those who know me, know I like to have fun.

-A party that wants active, passionate members, who will put South African interests before all else.

So Join RISE!

RISE Perks
Still not enough you say, you want more?

Well because I am the Party President and I created the US Revolutionary party, and at its Prime we had a lot of fun, so if you're a member of -RISE-

I offer you more than just a Party or Military Unit, we offer you many great perks! And Not just an Awesome Avatar Add on Logo:

Being a member of Rise gets you access to

Revolutionary Island, a great place for any Revolutionary to take a vacation.

The Revolutionary Cruise ship, where you can hang out with Roscoe the T-Rex and Frankie the Giant Panda.

We also have Paulerate98 our Revolutionary Clown

The Revolutionary Love Shack, one of two new editions to the Rev Perks Program, a place for a Revolutionary to take a date, or special someone for some special lovin.

The Revolutionary Hellicarrier a new battle weapon developed in the name of MoJo and her Australian Revolutionaries.

and Finally one of the best perks of being a Revolutionary

Drink of Champions.

And someday I will get Molly Jo^ to Join South Africa, Just like I got Sora Storm to come back.

And she's never looked cooler,

What more could you want?


Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 1,944, 15:18

Cool story bro

ottoplace Day 1,944, 15:48

Can Rise help Esweden stop our pointless war with the baltics and poland? And make us neutral again? Contact the MSAP Militant socialistiska arbetar partiet.

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,944, 15:49


Kooguy Day 1,944, 16:08


Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Day 1,945, 02:51

Love the avatar logo!

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