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Day 1,823, 05:04 Published in Netherlands Poland by Jack Mounford


The Netherlands doesn't exist anymore! we are swiped from the map by Poland.
This is a terrible thing to happen to our great country. We must fight back!
We can't let the Netherlands be forgotten and be only a part in a great Polish empire.

That's why I ask the Dutch people and our friends to stand up and join the resitance. I gave 1000 NLG to create this resistance and I ask 6 more people to do the same becouse that is what we need to make this resistance a reality.

I also ask everyone to fight in this resistance for the liberation of the Netherlands and for our own place on the world map.

Please join me and take the Netherlands back from the Polish Facist' occupation!



james janeway
james janeway Day 1,823, 07:07

You are right! voted.

TheEmperorOfPeace Day 1,823, 07:18

Jeah! Revolution!

NoTie112 Day 1,823, 07:42

Resist! \o/

Helldarr Day 1,823, 09:21

Polish Facist? oh my

atsan Day 1,823, 09:36


Kixtart Day 1,823, 10:54

Get more people to play for NL 🙂

Shibitah Day 1,823, 14:57

I agree Kixtart.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,823, 15:00


Katrien Day 1,824, 23:26

YES!!! I just fought with the bazookas I did not get to use before...and I took division 2 from the red to the blue and got a true patriot award...Let's do this!!! Thank you for creating the resistance war. 🙂

Vlam Day 1,824, 00:05

Let's do what we do best ).

Shibitah Day 1,824, 04:50

We're not doing too bad atm 😃 let's show them what we're made off!

dick_dastardly Day 1,824, 06:30

Vlam Day 1,824, 00:05

Let's do what we do best ).

lets not 😛 lets win for a change ^^

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,824, 09:01


Gepard007 Day 1,824, 13:08

Don't worry mate you're not alone in this! We fight back with all we got!! Today I kicked out over 70 pinky gayish Polacs 😃

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