Joao Satan, Hero and Thanks to the Admins

Day 574, 11:02 Published in USA USA by Black Academi HQ

Yesterday I was close to quitting this game. I believed that The 1st Armored Division org had been hacked on the day of the our final showdown in the battle for Central Greece. I could see our plans crippled. I could so much planning and work by so many people wasted by the selfishness of others. Our funds were gone. Our weapons were gone. Our weapons company was sold. i was demoralized. I was angry. I was frustrated.

Today I am thankful.

Today the Admins responded to our reports and returned the gold to our organization. The thief has been perma-banned. Thank you Admins for restoring our faith in you. Many said that you would not act or would act so slowly as to not matter.

But my gratitude to the Admins pales when compared to the thanks I have for Joao Satan. Joao was the citizen that purchased our weapons company, complete with iron and 672 weapons, for only 10 gold. Joao wanted to own a weapons company and the price was very good. He didn't even know there was stock in it. When he saw the weapons and iron he thought the seller must be crazy or leaving the game.

I contacted Joao yesterday about the theft of our company. He said that he would return it if I could show him some proof. I was so distracted and busy that we didn't even talk about details. He struck me as very sincere and I knew he could not be the thief, but an honest purchaser. He had sold some of the weapons to buy tickets for voters trying to stop the PTO in Croatia, but he agreed to reserve the other weapons.

This morning he contacted me about returning the company. He had spoken with Mistwalker and Croatian friends of the Marines. He agreed to return the company for the purchase price of only 10 gold. I agreed to pay him 15 gold. I used the 5 gold I received as the Resistance Hero in Central Greece. He may not have a badge on his citizen page, but Joao Satan is a hero. He restored my faith in my fellow players. He reminded me that people, in every eNation, play this game with honor and decency.

Joao Satan, you have my thanks and that of the entire eUS Marine Corps.

We salute you.


General Eugene Harlot
Commandant, eUSMC