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It's FRIDAY!!!!! (Yes it is, even if you only read this post tomorrow....)

Day 1,795, 02:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

So, we've reached the end of another week... and I haven't put a post up during it. So here one is.


We see that Nick won the UKPP Party Presidency, congratulations and all that tripe. Also, it's good to see the UKPP food program in place - though I'm honestly sick of seeing the divide between MU's. The way it's going, they should either 'A' Do away way with political parties entirely and let MU's be their own political party or 'B' Do the opposite of that.
(There is a 'C' option, but it involves dinosaurs, superglue and a can of sardines)

Artists rendition

Either people are UKPP or they aren't - it shouldn't matter what Military Unit they are running in... but I guess in-house politiks and, to quote someone who will remain nameless, bloated "Old-Fag Ego's" will keep on getting in the way of something that could be so much more.

But, like everything else ego's gotta ego and haters gonna hate - so, just do what you please.

Maybe.... mebbee, one day we might overcome petty differences and work as a party again - then again, that might just be me with my blue eyed innocence wishing for things that are too great to be true.

Aaaaaannnnnyyyyywaaaayyyy, enjoy the weekend people, remember... you are all so f'ing awesome you really need to ...



Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,795, 03:12

Hellllp! Call... ambuasl,vasasyfsgajkfsa afsbfasba as asfbhasf bafs k f kjbagr n ewfe fnk/f

Meklon Dramicus
Meklon Dramicus Day 1,795, 04:28

Wat iz tis... I dont even...... hed asplodes *****

Grushnag Day 1,795, 04:31
....*Eyes rolling up*

posidon303 Day 1,795, 10:32

if those people partied any harder they would die of exaghstion

helpmeslack Day 1,795, 13:15

its how i dance in my mind

killer2001 Day 1,795, 14:30

thought it was thursday

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,796, 03:08


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