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It's amazing...

Day 1,989, 05:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

... what might happen if we all agree on something:

Let's see what this month will have to offer!

TUP, UKRP, IA and others won't often be ones to agree with New Era, in fact, it'll be a likely case of more arguments next month. The fact we all support the same candidate is rather good. We all see something in Acroc that we all agree with. He's guaranteed victory in four days at any rate as the country is backing Acroc4CP.

Acroc4CP Part one:
Acroc4CP Part two:
Acroc4CP Part three:



Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,989, 05:03

This is why we CAN have nice things!

ApronChef Day 1,990, 04:23

For now.

Alphabethis Day 1,990, 14:29

The first ever to support Ayame, moons ago was....... New Era ( apart from PCP, ofc).

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,992, 05:40

Why is that important Alpha? What is important is that the parties of the eUK have proven that they will do the best for the UK

Mancha HQ
Mancha HQ Day 1,989, 05:05

Acroc4CP o&/

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,989, 05:09

UKPP shouldn't back him even if he wins their poll, we need someone spare in case of an impeachment if Ayame isn't available.

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,989, 07:47

😛 in fairness UKPP probably isn't behind him because our PP was in hospital so hasn't had time for eRep 😛

anomalous_result Day 1,989, 05:10

Hopefully it will be a case of bridge building over common ground.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,989, 15:03

wouldn't it be more useful to build bridges over common water? 😛

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,989, 05:16

I know I am now expected to win easily, But I still feel a little uncomfortable treating it as a guaranteed thing, Still though I want to say that when I started this I expected little official backing and I said as much to several people and PP's that I was chatting with.

That being said I also stated that I would rather have the support of individuals than parties and I am bowled over now by how incredibly this has gone.

I have and am still doing my best to find positions for as many people as I possibly can that applied. So far it's looking pretty good with only a few not being successful. I'm sorry about that but at the start of this I mentioned that I didn't want to have any ministry get too bloated and as always some positions were far more popular than others.

But I am sending out invitations to confirm positions with people this afternoon.

Thank you everyone again, We need more agreements and preferably on what to do as a nation not just during elections.

Here's to recognising we're team eUK! Cheers!

BigAnt Day 1,989, 05:58

ACroc WAS the best option by a country mile this month. I take my hat off to him.

He has put in the hours with his manifesto's having asked me and others to proof read them. He is a top guy and someone who actually really DESERVES a chance to be CP.

The Best thing is.... ALL CP's get stick, its natural as you are either representing one side or the other. This time Acroc is almost our first completely neutral CP. I hope he doesn't receive any stick and for once the UK gets behind him for this coming month. Because lets face it.. It's been dam poor since I left office and I'm not claiming to be anything near the best CP. I admit that but at least I brought some entertainment to the UK. Lets have some of that buzz back please.

This is the first time since I joined a year ago.. That the major parties have agreed to back the same guy,,, wow

Good Luck Acroc, from Myself and NewEra!

WayneKerr Day 1,989, 11:34

That's probably the best thing I've ever seen you say... Who knew behind that tough guy avatar was a big softie...

BigAnt Day 1,990, 05:54

awww dont xD

kdoggroundtwo Day 1,989, 06:39

I am running for 2nd place. >_>

Bob Bloggs
Bob Bloggs Day 1,989, 08:52

Commies coming to power.......... beware! BEWARE!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,989, 10:38

It's the second coming! : P

We haven't had this since my very first term.

All hail the glorious crocodile from the sky!

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Day 1,989, 18:56

Shameless self promotion!

WayneKerr Day 1,989, 11:35


Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 1,989, 15:02

I for one welcome our imminently-appointed reptilian overlord.

Niko Jones
Niko Jones Day 1,990, 00:43

ACroc is an able CP candidate and will definately have my vote. I still think Chaz sould hold a potfolio in readiness for him becoming CP.


painkiller789 Day 1,990, 12:48

I don't tend to read manifestos anymore, but I might consider reading Acroc's after seeing this

gerard durand Day 1,990, 15:31

Comment deleted

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