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Istra (Istria) is Italian land!-"ordered: Gorki61_istra"

Day 1,850, 13:21 Published in Iran Iran by HOS Vukovar

ordered: Gorki61_istra

Istria has been clearly Italic for at least 1700 years during the AD period. Previously it had been Italic for at least 300 years and previously it has been inhabited by Istriote tribes which were even considered as Italic like Illyrians.

Map of Southwestern Europe AD 1

Therefore it is safe to conclude that Istria has been Italic for at least 2000 years and in the past 2500 years it has been Italic for 88% of that time, during the same time it has been Austrian for 200 years or 8% of the time, Italian again between WW1 and WW2 (another 20something years or another 1% and Yugoslav since 2WW until 1991 and finally Croatian since 1991 or 46 years or 1.8% and Croatian 1991-present or 14 years or 0.6%. It is Italic, period!!

Map of Southwestern Europe AD 500

Map of Southwestern Europe AD 900

Map of Southwestern Europe AD 1500

Map of Southwestern Europe AD 1700

If Italians are that interested they do not need to make any move really but wait for Croatia to join EU. Afterwards they can place much investments and influence the local population there into becoming roman again.Also Italians can but back much land and build houses to house say 100,000 Italians to settle there and influence Romanization of Istria. Similar later should be done with Dalmatia (as this romanization should then gradually move southerwards after much of adriatic is reclaimed).



WhiteEagle1950 Day 1,850, 13:39


Hercegovina je moja ❤

OneFalf Day 1,850, 13:44

znao sam ja da je taj gorki talijancina

BacoST Day 1,850, 13:49

Istra Taljanima, dalmacija do zemuna!

HOS Vukovar
HOS Vukovar Day 1,850, 13:50

BacoST Day 1,850, 13:49

Istra Taljanima, dalmacija do zemuna!

-Slavoncima kulen i rakija XD

Ante Tony
Ante Tony Day 1,850, 13:54

Jebiga...sada je Istra Hrvatska.

Nedamo nista... granice ostaju.. !!

Necemo zaboravit Hercegovinu. Hercegovina je srce Hrvatske.

ZDS -- U --

megahack Day 1,851, 02:21


The.Lord.Iran Day 1,852, 11:34

این تو ایران چه میکنه؟

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