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Issue/Ausgabe 8 - Kongresswahlen in Österreich/Congress Elections in Austria

Day 828, 12:35 Published in Austria United Kingdom by Thomas765

Ausgabe 8 - Der Bote - Donnerstag - 25. Februar 2010 - Tag 828.
Issue 8 - Der Bote - Thursday - 25th February 2010 - Day 828

Austrian News

Austria has regained Styria, a region in the South East of Austria, which was owned by Hungary until this morning. This means that Bergenland is the only remaining region that was once Austrian, to not be a part of the present Austria.

Political News

The congressional elections have began across the new world with many parties having quite a big lead in several regions. However, here are the current (Day 828 at 12:30) statistics:

Leading Party in the whole of Austria: National Front Austria

Leading Party in Carinthia: Kronloyale Union with 4 votes
Leading Party in Lower Austria: National Front of Austria with 3 votes
Leading Party in Salzburg: Austrian Independence Party with 3 votes
Leading Party in Tyrol: National Front of Austria with 9 votes
Leading Party in Upper Austria: Austrian Independence Party with 2 votes
Leading Party in Vorarlburg: Austrian Independence Party with 2 votes

Also, vote for Penegrin if you are in Upper Austria as he is running for congress. We are hoping he'll win the Upper Austrian elections.


Cucik Day 828, 12:47

I will pay 2 gold for a vote!!!!!!!!

ironmakerinc Day 828, 14:54

Comment deleted

Grantler Day 829, 00:04

"I will pay 2 gold for a vote!!!!!!!!"

Sure, we need more ePolish Congressman in eAustria. Especially if they are members of the N.F.A.

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