Israel-Turkey Relations, Wow you are mistaking here!!!

Day 445, 12:28 Published in USA Israel by Sadeh Badeh

Hello people of the eWorld,

After talking with some people such as Turk Friends, Israelis, and third side people i belive many people think false things on the relations between us.

The thing that bother me the most is the saying that we "Hate Turkey!!!"

Well, i (hope) personally never said it, we do not hate the turks, or turkey, the only thing we want is a bit of peace, slience, comfort, we want land to stay at, we want place when we can talk in our language with our religion and Daily life.

We want place when we will be all united, with opinion of our own, and our lovley looked Currency( u gotta admit its pretty cool isnt it?).

All we ask for is ONE region, not more, one region, and some peace with the turks,

Some of them dont trust us, and they think we just want to attack them, well we dont want to attack anyone, we just want Peace, and some peace of land, it isnt so hard to understand right?

Everyone want to have freedom after all.

As i see it, the turks and the israelis can be good friends,with good relation and peace, the only thing we need to work on, is the TRUST:

Over the time with some unecessery R.W. and long time not living at our home, the two sides felt they cant trust each other, and we all forgot what peace and trust are.

Not mentioning that some people from both sides feel angry for "this and that", many israelis feel anxiety for not living at the sweet lands for so long, more for not getting for all thier life to be in the Country they so want: "Israel".

I really think we can solve this issues with peace and diplomacy, we dont have reason why not to after all.

The turks with so much lands can afford giving us one region for free, it sure wont damage them,
But i understand both of the sides need some Trust and Faith in order to belive that after they will give us one Region we wont betray them/ attack them.

Turks, Israelis, we can make PEACE between us! This is not so hard!

Please be open to consider that it will be better for both of the sides!!!

Have good day everyone, i will be glad for voted subscribes and opinions!