Israel - Cyprus Training War Agreement [October 2014]

Day 2,526, 12:44 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by AGGELOS_K

Greetings proud Cypriots!

There was a contact between Cyprus and Israeli gov so as to make a training war for the upcoming ‘’Epic Warfare’’ Tournament . The 2 sides agreed on the following terms :

-Both countries will have a training war (TW) during the Epic Warfare Tournament (days 2527 - 2533).

-The Training War will be announced publicly.

-After the “Epic Warfare” tournament ends, both countries must return to the original situation as soon as possible.

-Israel will propose Natural Enemy law against Cyprus on day 2,526 (October 20, 00:00 eRep Time).

-Both countries will agree on the time of the battles.

-Cypriot and Israeli congress must be secured.

-Every single region lost, will be returned to both countries at the end of the tournament.

-Israel must have its 5 original regions until the 23rd 2:00 erepublik time.

-If Israel or Cyprus get Air Striked or Nantural Enemy[ed] by a third country during TW ,it automatically stops and both countries help each other to return to the original situation fast.

-eCyprus will attack Jerusalem Discrit [Israel] last in order to keep Jerusalem Discrit the capital region of eIsrael.

TW Schedule:

a) eIsrael NEs Cyprus at (20/10, 00:00 eRepublik time).
eIsrael attacks Al Jawf [Cyprus] (21/10, 00:00 eRepublik time).
c) eIsrael losses the campaign (battle has to last in the worst case - 13 hours). [time and date after the battle: 21/10 13:00 eRepublik time]
d) eCyprus doesn’t use the inituative, waits 24 for the next battle to automatically begin (time and date after waiting 24 hours: 22/10, 13:00 eRepublik time).
e) eCyprus Attacks Beersheba South District [Israel] (battle has to last in the worst case - 13 hours) [time and date after the battle: 23/10 02:00+ eRepublik time]
f) From now on, both countries will fight normaly.
g) If a situation of a battle on the last region of eIsrael is reached, eCyprus would have to lose. If eCyprus wins, the next RW would be opened by eCyprus in Jerusalem Discrit.

Signed by:

NewSaver - Israel CP
St.Stefanos- Greece CP

Also there will be fortum for the tournament from the Cypriot gov. There is going to be donated food to all Division 1 players and weapons based on the Presige Points of each player .

Αpart from our training war we call our citizens to give their max powers to ensure a better position for eCyprus in our tournament and fight according to their conscience .

Let’s do it Cypriots! o7