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Islamic Party

Day 1,911, 14:43 Published in United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates by AzraelL0

Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri de yeni Parti kuruldu ve bu parti bariscil ve Özgürlükcü Bir parti Gelecekte Ülkenin Baskani Olma Adaylari Arasina Girdi Ama henüz Yeni Kuruldugu Icin Pek fazla Oy Alacagi Beklenmiyor Ama Gelecekte kim bilir ne olur bilinmez Ama Partiniz Hedefleri Büyük ve Yaptigi projeyi gerceklestirmek istiyor.
The United Arab Emirates was formed and a new party, the party of peaceful and liberal parties in the future become the next president of the country has become one of the candidates would get Vote Expected much, but not yet re-established for the future, who knows, but what happens is unknown, but your party wants to realize the project goals and his older.


Mare Magare
Mare Magare Day 1,912, 02:50

Ban party!

forunculo Day 1,918, 16:14

bona festa

A bre sto nas ovi dobri ljudi napustaju? 🙂

forunculo Day 1,918, 16:15

Las mujeeres en la fiesta imagino que iran con velo, no ?

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