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Is there a way to deal with jerks? The new case of TJ Norton

Day 1,884, 08:46 Published in Australia Chile by Vyrin the First

Seems like eAustralia can't get enough attention from the jerks these days, and perhaps it's always been so.

Yes cats can be real jerks!

But there is a point where most of us want to leave our high school days behind and move onto better things. It's just that some among us don't seem to be able to do so!

Jerks won't always be saved by the bell!

Take the case of TJ Norton, who left eAustralia and has a government position now in the eUS. He felt no shame in taking a single statement I made in this article as an insult when I merely stated the fact of what he said.

His completely disproportionate comments on the article are thus:

Alright Vyrin you've had the chance to be important and worthwhile now you're going to get what you deserve.

It was a good show you little prick. You understand what I'm getting at? No one hurt, disembowelled, stabbed or hung anyone from a Cyprus tree. So like what the fuck is your problem? eQT is not a Government program and we're free to do whatever we want. The world is bigger than one country and the same boring as batshit problem 10 pricks a week write about in the eAus press.

Get over yourself, do your job that you've been lazy at and is represented as such in this article by a giant ball of fluff and I say the following with the utmost respect -

Lay off our program, quit your veiled threats against it and get off me. Step again and your name will make headlines just for being a little shit.

Oh yeah as for our show needing 'traction'? Err we have over 1,500 views per cast how's your little 15 likes and 32 little subscribers going?

Sit down noob.

and this:

BTW - I reserve the right to smack down any noob who is a government failure and can't help to bring my name up. I did nothing to this kid and since he's been here it's like a sand fly buzzing around being a pest. If he wants to make this a thing he can stand up and come at me instead of hiding behind his government mask.

Then he took it even farther in this little exchange in the feeds:

I know such attention is a backhanded compliment. Yet it is quite strange that one statement about what TJ said, and no criticism, can launch him into a diatribe disconnected from reality.

And it does raise important questions.

There is a point where behavior and comments cross a line. People like Icetek and his new doppleganger TJ show that there is probably something that needs to be done to raise the level of civility in the discussions. People can have fun and differences or opinion, but it should not get to insanity and threats.

There have been varied attempts, ban from forum, shame (like infin is doing), etc.

Is this just a case where you just have to put up with jerks? I can certainly do that. Although TJ's comments are disturbing, I feel more worried for him than I do for me.

Or should there be more done? CAN there be more done?


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,884, 08:46

Serious discussion only please.

Lada Roddick
Lada Roddick Day 1,884, 09:35

You don't mess with the TJ

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,884, 09:54

Making a factual statement about something that wasn't even designed as an insult is hardly what I would call, "messing."

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,884, 11:49

Welcome to eRepublik Vyrin the First,

Its a he said she said, troll fest at times, wait until you actually do do something wrong.

Arfman Day 1,884, 12:16

Like in RL, eRepublik can be vicious, but at least there's a "report" button.

WageSlave Day 1,884, 12:47

LOOL. i remember my first beer. Vyrin its so obvious what happened. He/or she? was just tanked and decided to go on a liquid courage rant for no makes them feel all big and important inside you see.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,884, 13:20

There is one in every crowd Vyrin, now that Icetek has left TJ has just got to take his place.
Just ignore him : )

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,884, 13:50

Icetek left? I must have missed that memo, damn it. I would have held a party for eAustralia. : )

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,884, 21:03

Very simple answer to your question Vyrin: Don't keep on attacking me in virtually every article you write.

Additionally, I went out of my way to get deleted last year and I asked a lot of my in-game combatants to help do it. Guess what happened? Not even the power of mods could do shit. eRep is a business first and foremost that replies on money to function - hiring people and paying them, running servers, business licensing - welcome to the real world. Sites just don't appear from no nowhere.

At present I'm on my 2nd point to 2 complaints you've made. Keep making them. In truth, I'm on my 7th in over a month and they're deleted as soon as they come.

TL;DR I pay them too much money to keep them in business.

Back to the golden rule - do unto others and you would have them do unto you. Since you've joined the game, you've moaned and bitched more than Icetek ever did. You wrote article after article criticising matters you knew nothing about, people you never interacted with personally .. and now you're crying wolf because you couldn't be the vocal like shit you thought you could AND get away with it.

Attacking people earns you trouble. Backing off brings peace. Suggest you try it.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,884, 21:05

Also - suggesting Icetek is my multi is a laugh. Even your friends who run the iRC and forum regimes can slap you down for that suggestion.

Arcaian Day 1,885, 00:21

You're being a massive hypocrite TJ, so I'm joining in.

"Also - suggesting Icetek is my multi is a laugh. Even your friends who run the iRC and forum regimes can slap you down for that suggestion."

I agree with you. But thats not what Vyrin is saying, Vyrin is saying that you are acting like Icetek, you're being similar. Not that you're actually Icetek, thats beyond silly.

"Attacking people earns you trouble. Backing off brings peace. Suggest you try it. "

This is just ... what? You just wrote an entire post dedicated to attacking Vyrin, as you have been for MONTHS, and now you are telling Vyrin that backing off is the better thing to do? Seriously, it doesn't make any sense. If thats your perpsective, then why are you here and commenting on all of his supposed insults instead of backing off, and "bringing peace" as you say.

"Back to the golden rule - do unto others and you would have them do unto you. Since you've joined the game, you've moaned and bitched more than Icetek ever did."

Again, you're being a massive hypocrite. If you believe your golden rule, then you would have no problem being insulted, because thats what you spend your entire time on eRepublik doing. Vyrin hasn't even been insulting you, he's been showing what YOU have said. You're setting yourself up for taking a hit if you say those things, so you can't complain if you do say them and then someone stands up to you.

"and now you're crying wolf because you couldn't be the vocal like shit you thought you could AND get away with it."

He wrote articles because literally no-one else was. And if you haven't noticed, people actually appreciate it. You seem to be one of the only ones complaining that he got the nation talking again.

Just go back to eUSA, we don't want you here. You're trying to bully Vyrin into submission, it won't work. You've lost, you've run off, so please stay away.

Arcaian Day 1,885, 00:23

Oh, and I know you're now going to flame me, probably insult me, so you've done more for eAus than me, etc, your usual stuff. You can just stop now, I honestly don't care if you insult me. You've proven to me that your opinion is worthless, so your insults mean - quite literally - nothing to me.

Oh, and considering how much you complained about foreigners getting involved in local politics, why are you still getting involved in local politics here? Another act of hypocracy.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,885, 01:05

"You're being a massive hypocrite TJ, so I'm joining in."

Since you're Vyrin's butt buddy Arcaian, imagine my shock. Sit down kid.

Lord TJ Day 1,885, 01:08

Comment deleted

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,885, 01:12

And get used to facts ahead of conspiracy. The New World is always going to have the likes of Vyrin and you and Louise Brooks - you're like kites. You blow in, flap all over the place and more often than not get into the shit and get stuck.

eAus has two key factions to it - the RPers and the Doers. You're on the RP side along with XG, Binda and co. I'm on the opposite with others like Cal, Tim and Henry. Each of these sides has a rise and a fall - no one stays in power forever. Either side that thinks so in their fragile minds is retarded.

Arcaian Day 1,885, 01:31

See, now you're just proving our point. You didn't say ANYTHING that related to my post. You ranted something completely unrelated about me being a roleplayer.

Apparently we're not "Doers", so I'm guessing you're implying that we much around, make artificial constraints for ourselves and don't actually do much, just "RP"?

Surprising then, that in the 12 days that Vyrin and I have been in office, we've restarted Centrelink, got donations going into and out of it, messaged every new player from this term and most of last term, written a whole new website and almost finished more tutorials for it than all other sources of tutorials put together. I generally try not to brag, but when you're saying we don't do anything, I have to point out what we have done.

And thats in 12 days. Considering you call yourself a "Doer", I haven't seen Cal, Tim or you do anything since I started playing eRep again in mid-November. What schemes have you run to help noobs, or anything helpful to the eAus community. Considering you are "Doers", you don't do much.

"And get used to facts ahead of conspiracy. "
Also, what is that even about? None of this is conspiracy, this is about US STATING FACTS. Obviously we are used to facts. It's not complex stuff, where is there conspiracy?

"Unlike you I'm not into boys - so you're off the mark by a mile."
Original. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but you're just constantly insulting us, when we're actually trying to reason. If you're going to insult me, at least get something original or even relevant, instead of "you're gay!". It sounds like you're 16.

"I have the right to defend myself when I did nothing to deserve it."
You do have that right. Problem is, you're deluding yourself if you think that you've done nothing. If you CONSTANTLY attack people - mostly because they're new and writing articles - and expect them to do nothing, you've got another..

Arcaian Day 1,885, 01:36

[continued] thing coming. You've been abusing him, he has every right to defend himself. The reason you're abusing him is he is a person "who persistently write whinging articles criticising people".

So you are abusing him because he came into the game and started pointing out what your so called "Doers" are doing badly, wrong or not at all. They were legitimate complaints, and they got your "doers" kicked out of power, so you don't like him. You can do that. Don't try and pretend he started the insults, or that you are innocent.

Also, whats with all the talk about the mastercard, and why are you emphasising the fact that you've payed so much the admins let you break the rules? It's not impressive.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,885, 02:27

well that's Arcaian 10 TJ 0

Are you going to keep on TJ & just make an even bigger fool of yourself?
Might be better if you returned to put more effort into US politics hey
don't you hold some sort of office over there - don't let your voters down.

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,885, 02:33

Boring! You're boring me!

Icetek Day 1,885, 02:39

"Icetek left? I must have missed that memo, damn it. I would have held a party for eAustralia. : )"

XG, how about you do your job for eAUS. You have not done anything for us yet. All you did was take over what Greg already wrote in stone. ARP dint do anything, what happened to getting rid of rules etc Larni and Louise? Your all talk but no actions.

Waste of time.

Icetek Day 1,885, 02:41

Also for the record, when 1 person fights a group, its his fault. But when a group attacks 1 person your no better then that 1 person. This all goes back to you nerds not having shame online. Hence why some of you need to be smacked in real life so hard you wake up.

Some of you have a serous problem of how you view the world. Sitting on your butt all day is not a life. But a waste of it.

Icetek Day 1,885, 02:45


Good job guys, your attacking people in articles who are not even eAUS citizens. Bunch of cry babys. Take XG for example, he has everyone fight for him, hes too busy trying to play GOD online to even realize how eAUS is being undermined. Your a tool XG.

"I know it all, i am a old player" ....All you know if how to jump threw hoops and command Larni and Louise the 2 elephants how to perform. Touché XG, touché!

ronnyJnrJnr Day 1,885, 02:56

the guy can get the accent over the word touché, but cant spell English words like through...
bravo my good sir, bravo

infin Day 1,885, 03:09

TJ is a kid. Ignore him.

Callumh123 Day 1,885, 03:15

This whole article and conversation is boring and counter productive. I expected better.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,885, 03:27

You should be concerned Callumh, concerned about what prompted this article.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,885, 04:43

@Scotty: for as long as I have known you anything over 2 paragraphs with no pictures is too long for you to read, unless you have had a few beers first : ) : ) 🙂

Mickskitz Day 1,885, 05:23

"I said I would stand against dickheads who persistently write whinging articles criticising people"
How do you stand against yourself TJ? I'm not sure if you read any of the articles you have written in the past, but there is plenty of whinging articles criticising people.
I get you want to defend yourself, but you doing it in a way that makes you seem 5. Basically if someone criticises you "I know you are, you said you are but what am I", or if that's too complicated, you just wish death on them.
You also grouped Henry in your RPers, a player who I don't know anyone has an issue with. Players like him make the game fun, where as players like you just don't. Why don't you try acting more like Henry then, as I can't recall the last time I saw anyone write an article of criticism of him.

@icetek I disagree with your statement that there is one person in the right and one person in the wrong. Everyone has different perspectives, which is fine, however it is the way you go about acting and communicating your frustration that is disappointing. And I say disappointing, because I believe that you honestly do want Australia to do well, but your method and communication is absolutely fucked. I understand you have been in the army and are a fighter, but I am in business, and if you seek to piss on everyone, no one will want anything to do with you any more, and that is what has happened to you. James Rellori did it at one stage (possibly a few times), but he learnt his lesson I believe, where as you deny that there is any lesson to be learnt.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,885, 05:52

TJ's comments don't bear a response. I stand by what I've done and said - no explanation needed.

@Callumh: My point in writing the article is to ask the question whether there is a way to get beyond people who do nothing but waste the time of eAUS. That is not counter-productive, in fact I am trying to get eAUS to be more productive. I would be concerned if you continue to rely on a notorious jerk for your podcast. Shows a lack of concern for improving eAUS if you do.

Arcaian Day 1,885, 07:45

I'm leaving the rest of the comments alone, most of them are fine, except for this bit from Icetek:

"This all goes back to you nerds not having shame online. Hence why some of you need to be smacked in real life so hard you wake up."

Why do you presume we're even all nerds? If it's because we're playing this game, then you should stop classifying yourself outside of that group, because you're a nerd as well. If it's because of something else, I don't understand how you can classify everyone as a nerd. And we do have "shame" online, thats why we think you're acting badly. If we didn't have shame, we wouldn't care.

venja Day 1,885, 08:30

TJ is such a massive RPer, he has even convinced himself that he is actually a doer. ... nah this isnt irony at all.

Hendaro Reo Day 1,885, 08:35

Comment deleted

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,885, 08:43

@Hendaro - you're missing the point entirely. But if you do want to understand what this article is about, please ask.

Arcaian Day 1,885, 20:22

@Hendaro Reo

We want him in the U.S. - if he just stayed there, we'd be fine. Our problem with him are not to do with him leaving, it's to do with this:

"TL;DR I pay them too much money to keep them in business."
"their fragile minds is retarded. "

He acts like he owns the place, and is impervious to any sort of rules. He also is rude and insulting, routinely. On top of that, he doesn't do anything productive, ever, and then is deluded enough to call himself a doer. And he is possibly the biggest hypocrite I have seen.

So no, it's not that he went to the U.S. - you obviously like him, can you please keep him there, and stop him coming back?

NisamHtio Day 1,886, 00:03

popcorn anyone? they are good, cheap and i have tons of them

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,886, 07:45

LOL keep talking shit.

Hey XG how much did you buy Infin for? He must be going cheap nowadays.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,886, 07:45

Let me know when a non-noob wants to step up. Something up with all these kids getting internet time.

Lord TJ Day 1,886, 07:57

Comment deleted

BOUD1CCA Day 1,887, 15:29

Now there is someone with a grudge.
And he was let back into Australia.
Then again, his multies are still here, so I guess he never really left

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