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Is the eWorld economy saved ?!

Day 1,742, 15:04 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1742

Dear eRepublikans,

We all have witnessed great changes in eRepublik these weeks, both in the military and economic modules, which is perhaps the most important thing in the last few months, maybe a whole year.

We all waited to see on which way the administration will fix what they broke with the introduction of manager work and the bot. We all probably expected an huge and instant change, perhaps a completely new and different module but no one suspected that they will do all job with a few small changes.

Just to be clear, the economic module is still far, very far from perfect, but statistics and facts show that we have progress, which is very important. A large number of players was disappointed in the economy, which was the pillar of this game. At one point the economy has turned into a simple clicking, and now you come back to a situation where with good chunk of the market, you can make some money.

I don’t know if you remember my 4 articles about economy, the series "save eWorld economy", you will see that the admins fix almost everything we asked from them. Maybe you will not notice all these things at first, but let's summarize.

First and most important thing was everyone’s biggest problem - the strengthening of GOLD. GOLD is a universal currency in eRepublik and if we have a bad quoting of GOLD on market, we will have a problem with the whole market. I remember that gold is weakened to the point, that you could buy 1 GOLD for almost 4000 cc. This should not even be so bad that every player on his account didn’t make a large number of raw companies. At some moments you could build raw company for only 2-3 GOLD. Many raw companies mean a large amount of raw materials on market, and at that time we had a low demand and high productivity of raw materials, and I don’t need to mention that the prices of raw materials have been miserable.

Paradox is that it was very cheap to build a company, but after that, the company was…useless. Also, we had situations in certain moments, that the owning raw company meant good profits, but those were rare moments. In most cases, these raw companies represented a useless property.

However, the rise of price of GOLD completely shaked the eWorld economy, and we needed solution desperately.

Many players have pointed to the problem and solutions. We spoke a lot about this issue. The most important thing needed to be done is to eliminate the large amount of currency and raw materials from the market. Those were the two biggest polluters of the economy and various ways of their elimination are discussed. All of this can be found in previous articles, no need to repeat all that again.

Step 1. Today, if you look closely, the introduction of rockets caused the increase in the consumption of final products, and that mean increased consumption of raw materials too. Also, in the meantime, a large number of players dissolved their raw companies, while many stopped working in them. That means lower production of raw materials + more consumption = elimination of excess raw materials from the market.

Step 2. Another way to eliminate excess of raw material is the introduction of Q7 products. In order to produce a single Q7 product you need to spend 200 units of raw material. Taht means a huge consumption and removal of raw materials from the market.

Step 3. New war module. Pumping large amount of GOLD trough medals and achievements.

Step 4. Airstrike, the latest thing in erepubik - also ,one of the ways to eliminate the raw materials from the market, but only food raw materials (FRM). Huge amounts of food needed for every Airstrike, quite nicely solve the problem of excess of FRM.
These are just some examples how the admins tried to solve economy issue, and who knows, maybe time will show that they are really solved problem with all raw materials, which were huge pain in the ass of all of us.

One more thing. At this moment, we have situation that 1 FRM unit costs 0.04 cc, and WRM unit costs 0.22 cc.
Some rumors saying that admins will make balance between these two options with introduction of energy bars companies. We have higher demand of WRM then FRM, and this should be great solution I think.

Another problem was a huge amount of currency on the market and we tried to find ways to get rid of the excess. Some of the ways are mentioned above.

Airstrike, one good way to eliminate currency, So the money is not coming back into circulation, but permanently disappears, which is very good.

As we can see, and we have already said, it is all about GOLD. When gold is strong, then the whole economy is weak.

Last few days I've noticed a stronger exchange rate of GOLD, and we can see that with every day GOLD becomes weaker and weaker, and that's very good.

What you can do to help the economy and yourself, but probably you all did this already, is to remove 0,001 offers (if you ahve some 🙂 and to set new one, the 0,002 offers. In this way, you are going to get double amount of GOLD for same amount of currency.

Also, in this way we will prevent the re-emergence of a large number of companies and flooding of market with excess of raw materials and currency.

We have the opportunity to save eRepublik, so don’t let this chance. Of course, everything depends on Plato and his mercy, but if we try hard to do things well, I don’t believe that the Transylvanian Greek will let us to repeat the same mistake like few months ago.

At the end of this story, im just asking you, what you think ?!


For shout:

Is the eWorld economy saved ?!

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killer2001 Day 1,742, 15:06


Marcus Corvinus Day 1,742, 15:07

Comment deleted

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,742, 15:08


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,742, 15:08

Really third!!!

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Day 1,742, 15:11

nice article 😃

R O B E R Day 1,742, 15:13

True history, Agree.-

Alex.L Day 1,742, 15:18

It seems to me that these are just ways to artificially fix the economy, without rockets and airstrikes it would be still in very bad shape.

Good, healthy economy wouldn't need stuff like rockets or airstrikes to properly function.

Legolas555 Day 1,742, 15:20

sve stoji osim pojma o jakom goldu.
Gold ne jaca nego pada, jer ako je prije mjesec dana 1g bio 4000cc a sad je 800 cc znaci da nam valuta jaca a vrijednost golda pada.

ostalo vote

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 15:21

@Alex i agree with u, but even this is better then like few weeks ago, when we have huge problems without these mechanisms

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 1,742, 15:22

Voted !

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:24

well the only thing that was good was rockets
because now goldbuyers don't buy bazookas with the RLmoney outside of the game and just bring the damage into the game - with rockets the goldbuyers bring their RLmoney in form of gold INTO the game

and this are no peanuts we are talking about - huge amounts of gold are comming into the game!

simultanious the BOTprices were reduced drastically and bot is now nearly dead

with that the value of gold drops - monetarymarket goes below 1000cc/g

Ruthain Day 1,742, 15:26

Profits for Q7 weps is still rubbish, something like $100 a day for 10 workers.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 15:28

@Legolas u pravu si...imam neki svoj trip i pogled na ovo..ispravicu

Beaumanoir Day 1,742, 15:28

I don't understand something, why do you say that gold is strong when its value decrease compared to cc ?

The thing is not gold getting actually stronger (the change in the military module indeed pumped gold in quantity) but cc getting scarcer right ?

mikroastos Day 1,742, 15:30

Temporarily "solutions". I don't think they care about economy. They are just making the game again "friendly" to no-buyers players(and who knows..maybe to buy 1-2 times gold) to make it popular.
Nothing new.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:31

q7 is just no good

the q7-weapon is worth 100raw (damage & durability-wise)
the weaponsmarket was crashed because of the huge raw demand and rise of raw-prices

q7-food is just useless why buy 20health for 4cc in q7 if you get it for 1,6cc in q5
buying extra storage is better than buying this food...

airstrike: i don't see it this positive:
most countries can't afford it + it is quite useless for others because of the tradingroutes you need (with airstrike you can't get new boni)

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 15:31

@Beaumanoir thats edited..Legolas said same...i made mistake..its corected now

SpartakMKD Day 1,742, 15:35

o/ vote

armbeno Day 1,742, 15:37

Changes are coming. They have added a new link called "Latest Updates" at the bottom. We just have to pray for the best.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:40

the admins have to fix the economy because it is dead if foodraw fall down to 0.01cc...
problem is: they just go for the quick fix in the economy module

they just
1. kill bot (less currency ingame - goldprice dropping)
2. increase the demand for raws to keep prices higher than 0.01 even without the bot

but with higher demand comes higher price - and with higher price come more people who produce so you just get an overproduction on a higher level after a while

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:40

with q7 and the huge raw-consumption they overreacted and killed the weapon industry
& because of the huge raw-consumption you never make profit with it if you try to keep the price "consumer-friendly" - the raw is just a too big part of the investment

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:44

@eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:40


and if the new overproduction produces more currency after a while than the rocketbuilder pump gold in the game (with RLmoney) then we are back at the startingpoint
the goldprice will go up again (+ the overproduction)

because nothing is really fixed

JOKAZOWNS Day 1,742, 15:47

o/ V

Guri1000 Day 1,742, 15:50

From another stand point, if you remember salaries way back when gold was a 3000cc were around 350 to 400 cc a day. Even though prices of food and weapons were higher there was'n too much difference compared to today. At that time you were able to buy weapons and food close to the required to complete your DO. Nowadays with a 60 to 80 cc salary your really screwed from that point of view, you can buy much less now.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 15:50

@eisenmutter2 i agree in most things u said. i wrote just some facts here, and point was to activate u, eRepublikans, to say ur opinion and together to see is the economy rlly fixed, or this is just illusion

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 15:56

and what i just thought of:

with the global monetary-market not just overproduction but also ratio of goldinvestors vs non-goldbuyers has an influence on the goldprice in every country

because goldprice goes down (despite the overproduction we have already) just because goldbuyers pump a massive amount of gold into the game (for rockets)

but if we lose goldbuyer who invest RL money and/or gain more people who don't invest RLmoney it will directly have a negative effect on the goldprice

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 16:00

with falling goldprice (worth of currency high) + nearly the same (low) net prices of products the influence of boni also gets more important regarding how much gold citizens can afford to buy

RoteBaron Day 1,742, 16:07

thanks..nice article!..voted!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 16:07

@eisenmutter2 i think everything goes to that much gold citizens can afford to buy, and what we can to to improve that...

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 16:12

@eisenmutter2 and i see u know this job well..i read ur articles..

apreciate ur oppinion and now waiting other players to say what they have...u have rlly interesting point of wiev and cant wait to see what u gonna write when others get involved

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,742, 16:14


eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 16:14

@Hanibal LA Day 1,742, 16:07
well i think manager working and the shift fom real managing to just working in your own 100companies are just the thing that is killing the economy

well its nice when admins try to fix the resulting problems and fail
it makes good profit
-so i made very much money with rawcompanies and selling it to the bot
-then after q7-weapons again with weaponraw and because of the falling salaries i made more than 100cc per worker with q5-food when the bot bought

Sir Illuminati
Sir Illuminati Day 1,742, 16:19

I agree! Nice article! NEW WORLD ORDER WILL prevail

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 16:19

as long as the admins don't really fix the economy the monetarymarket will go up and down depending on their tampering

but if the admins delete managerworking they have to reimburse all citizens for the companies they can't use anymore. because no normal person can really manage 30 to 100+ companies like in the old days.
so they are afraid to delete managerworking and go for quick fix after quick fix...
but the problem of overproduction wont be solved like this

SexyCicko Day 1,742, 16:23

q7 noone is producing due to low profit - the price will go up even further
people tend to sell raw to buy q7, so in some time q7 will become profitable
raw isnt falling cause noone wants to lose more FF than needed, so there isnt more opening of q4 wrm companies
gold is dropping due to erep MM bot, buyers putting gold on MM to buy q7 (^^) and armies opening q4 to support themselves
the airstrike removed 10 mil or more from the game, there was 20 mil on 0.001 then on MM

SexyCicko Day 1,742, 16:27

furthermore if they introduce candy factories and market, that will help the game, due to massive influx of buyer gold, massive amounts of tanks going out of the game, and the complete recovery of the Food market
in my post above in the part "armies opening q4 to support themselves" armies are selling gold supplies to get higher value on MM to open raw, that drops the gold price further

ZeneFallX Day 1,742, 16:31


Rona1d Day 1,742, 16:49

Good article

gid1 Day 1,742, 16:59

Once i tried to talk about economy with one of admins and this is what i got from them:

overproduction -> doesn't exist! When there is too much of something ppl stop producing it, so fastly there isn't too much of that thing anymore...

price of something is too high or too low -> doesn't exist! If price is too low, ppl don't sell so price goes up and if it's too high ppl don't buy so it will go down.

exchange rate low or high -> doesn't exist! prices will follow exchange rate...

gid1 Day 1,742, 17:02

... so if it is low prices will be higher and vice versa, exchange rate doesn't effect anything, it's just passing from one rate to another that can create some problems but only during period of adaptation.

However this WAS main line admins followed when they introduced changes once upon a time, not my opinion for sure.

gid1 Day 1,742, 17:07

The irregularity that pushed them to make changes (my opinion) is that q4 raw cannot cost less than q3. All other changes they introduced and are introducing are only mask for their real aim: non buyers must not survive! Today for me it's still possible to survive without buying single gold. I take some BH with my str and rank and chocolates from DO, and i get regular medals so it's enough. However q7, rockets, exchange rate... every change is making my life more and more difficult.

gid1 Day 1,742, 17:14

I forgot to mention important part of their opinion that was "economy is not designed so that everyone can have easy profit and afford everything, get used to it!" And here i must agree.. U can't afford Q7? Shoot with q4! Why is this problem of game? Ofcourse this is valid if there are regular ways to earn more...

To REALLY fix problems (of game and of players) and to guarantee their earnings and our fun, 2 simple moves are enough...

gid1 Day 1,742, 17:18

1. sms registration to eliminate multies (no, multi accs are not essential for economy to work propperly)
2. eliminate gold buyers! put just 2 levels , for example 2 dollars for simple account x month with some features disabled and 5 dollars for premium account with all features available... With some investments in game servers so that they can handle far more users, this game would again reach more than 200k (real) users in very short time, profit would be guaranteed, and they would be able

gid1 Day 1,742, 17:23

to dedicate time to REALLY fix the game, not just introduce changes to FORCE ppl to pay if they wanna play, as every change is directed that way. Look at WOT or EVE and u get solution for all the problems...

Also with this we would really see who is the best as everyone would have equal chances at start.

At the end I'll respond to your question: NO, economy is not fixed, and will never be fixed as these 2 changes will never see daylight!

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 17:50

@gid1 Day 1,742, 17:18
well without goldbuyers you wouldn't have q7-companies (or just very few)
but overproduction would be the same because even now you can have max 2400health
that is ~3q2 food companies (= 3x ~20gold)
so it is no wonder we have overproduction

i myself produce 10k weaponraw & 4400q5-food with raw per day
and i never bought gold with RLmoney

eisenmutter2 Day 1,742, 17:51

heard in this game are 350+ goldbuyer with goldstatus! (=bought gold for 300-400€ in a 3month period)
and thats just goldstatus
so it's not really just a few big players who invest much RLmoney...

Vojvoda Zivojin
Vojvoda Zivojin Day 1,742, 18:20

Maybe it would be good if the admins would introduce a bank that had a steady course Gold with occasional changes, it calmed down economy

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,742, 18:29

save me Hanibal, don't save world \o/

Blakasuta Day 1,742, 20:10

I think we need more country's power on national economy. Global gold market is bad idea.

insmuh Day 1,742, 22:51

pluto can not clean the mess he made whatever he does. he ruined the game so much and i think theres no chance of roll back or saving. lets all congratulate him. all hail pluto. 😡

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