Is eRep for smarter people?

Day 435, 03:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by The Eco State

Well I think it is, would an idiot be interested in making fictional money and dabbling with with fictional politics?
NO they would not, they would say it is boring why bother you jerks; what is the point?

So what is the point? Is it just to flex our intellectual muscles or do we play for fun and war?

Well I believe it is the concept of advancement and being able to improve your citizen buy growing levels and improving your status politically and economically. You have a lust to be better than everyone else especially if they are annoying (you know who you are).

But after playing for a while you actually find it really fun you can get in the forum,, (and spam people) sorry I mean make constructive posts and suggest ideas that will help the eUK to advance. And yes you can go to war and fight the French, but I don't like using trivia to fight.

Not some people out there will be thinking wait a minute I am stupid and I still play eRep, but we are not all gifted I mean I only got 3 B's and 2 D's in my AS's which is OK so it can't be booksmart (well it can but not everybody) it could just be a natural smartness.

Now I know some people will disagree with this article but I don't care this was written for fun!!!!! so I don't cArE At AlL WhOoOoOoOoOoOoO