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Day 1,976, 13:22 Published in USA USA by Kjell Erik Sandberg Andersen

invest in me and i will promise good cash for you in the future, all take everything and turn it to a profit! 😃



nuno258 Day 1,976, 13:28


George The Reaper
George The Reaper Day 1,976, 14:19

ok. let me send you my 104 gold. how much will you give me back and when? i also have around 10k cc. can i invest it too?

Cubby Day 1,976, 14:31

I would like to invest 5,000,000cc. What kind of return can you give?

I am The Best23
I am The Best23 Day 1,976, 14:49

wow one whole sentence explaining your business plan this really makes me want to invest in your own personal good

Dogpyle Day 1,976, 15:39

This sounds like a great opportunity.

MaxMcFarland4 Day 1,977, 04:10


Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 1,977, 17:28

SCAM! thats all i got to say

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