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Day 882, 15:02 Published in USA USA by Strategic Analysis Institute

EDIT: Spain/Poland confirm the invasion of Mexico wasnt revelealed to USA in order to maintain the secrecy of the operation.


While USA is embroiled in the political re-shuffle, others are thinking Globalpolitik.

So this happened in the last hour:

Andalucia was conquered by Poland in the war versus Spain
1 hour 17 minutes ago

Canary Islands was conquered by Poland in the war versus Spain
52 minutes ago

President of Poland proposed a war declaration against Mexico. (4200 gold)
1 hour 10 minutes ago

President of Poland proposed an alliance with Mexico.

59 minutes ago - This was done because the Mexicans moved 100 gold into the treasury and wanted to sign an MPP with a strong Phoenix member, and like this the Poles blocked those 100 gold for 24 hours. The Poles shot down their own suggestion of the alliance in their congress.

Since then, a RW was started in the now Polish Canary Islands region by the #1 ranked Brazilian, who has a shout where he high fives Spain.

Here are official statements from Poland and Spain.

This is all very interesting. But the weird thing is, if Poland is trying to get to the HI Iron in Peru or Brazil, the USA would be notified about Polish/Spanish operations in the Americas. And USA has not been notified.

So here is the worst case scenario.

Let's start with, if USA is eliminated, who profits?

That means Canada is gone too, which means plenty of juicy North American regions up for grabs, + Karnatka.

So the following countries would gain regions:


Brazil into S.Africa
Argentina into S.Africa

+ Germany and France would get theirs back.

That's pretty much the countries represented in the famous meeting log released by Max McFarland.

Spain and USA already have an open war. Thus, in the invasion scenario, the first day of the invasion would look something like this:

Spain would attack Florida,
Poland would attack California
Huns or Serbs + Phoenix tanks would attack Karnatka.

or Poland just might be going after some South American colonies. We'll see. But citizens should be watching the latest DoD orders intently in the meantime.



TemujinBC Day 882, 15:06

For LulZ!

Jarhoul Day 882, 15:08

Lol Spain attacking Florida. Knowing them they'd accidentally give the thousands of gold necessary to attack Florida to Hungary.

Free The Oompa Loompa's
Free The Oompa Loompa's Day 882, 15:10

They aren't attacking. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!

Mitch Johan
Mitch Johan Day 882, 15:10

There is a lot of flawed logic here and I could go into every piece if information, but Halfie's article does a better job of summarizing it.
Also, don't stir the pot, you're making the soup cold.

vermiculita Day 882, 15:11

Spain would attack Florida?
Poland would attack California?
What are you smoking?
you are a super spy!!! (irony)

Jelly9473 Day 882, 15:26

I do not beleive you.... I beleive that 4/20 has gotten to your mind 😉

420 ftw 😉

Maegalodonus Day 882, 15:39

"the USA would be notified about Polish/Spanish operations in the Americas. And USA has not been notified."

Why should USA be notified about anything???? You're not in EDEN, remember...

Tanner Jenings
Tanner Jenings Day 882, 15:43

or they could just be trying to take Mexican high oil

vingaer Day 882, 15:44

rotfl 😃.

Reffan Day 882, 15:45

"The USA would be notified about Polish/Spanish operations in the Americas. And USA has not been notified."

No, wouldn't. USA left EDEN, right? 🙂
So, don't be paranoid - our goal is High Oil, not California or other USA region. As adios_pl said: his national goals are only expression of disappointment on USA.

Joshua Cain
Joshua Cain Day 882, 17:10

Expressions of disappointment? Wat?

system0101 Day 882, 17:39

420 is this

folker Day 882, 17:40


Thessaloz Day 882, 18:39

They want only oil and maybe iron in peru nothing more....

Spain would attack Florida,
Poland would attack California

Dr_Revenue Day 882, 20:39

Loland into Lalifornia!

Aurelius Ambrosius
Aurelius Ambrosius Day 882, 21:22

See you just aren't understanding the ePolish sentiment. A threat of war in ePoland is more like an expression of disappointment sort of like how a death threat is a sign of mild aggitation. No one who says "Im going to conquer you" and sends people to secret meetings to discuss your conquest actually means it now a days. To think people mean what they say and do? That's just paranoia.

I mean what was the last country to actually put their national goals into their national goals. So one last time, let me iterate what will probably be said by the poles themselves when they have California. "Relax guys, we didn't actually conquer California, we are just reiterating our general agitation with your country."

Seriously, Poland attack the US? Unlikely; but, only just unlikely. Still completely in the range of possibility.

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