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Welcome lost soul!

If you've wandered here, you've either been referenced here or were foolish enough to come here on your own. Well, luckily for you, this new newspaper will make your time well spent!

As a young and naive gamer who has less than a week of experience under his belt, you may think to yourself: "Why would this guy make a newspaper if he has no influence or experience to give?" Well, while my knowledge of the game is less than that of most, I am also in a unique position; while I lack experience, I also provide a clean slate uninfluenced by events of the past. As a result I will have a new POV on many touchy subjects.

There will likely be no schedule regarding article posts, as I am still tied down by real life commitments, but look for a new piece as soon as anything interesting happens, whether it be internal or external affairs.

So, what should you expect this week? I will post an article about the United Kingdom's RW, and one about who our NE should be. Perhaps if something surprising happens there will be more than two articles out this week!

Well that's all I have to say for now. If you're remotely interested in the ramblings of a noob, feel free to click the subscribe button! Until next time, take care!

Welcome returning viewer! Curious to look at my old stuff, but too lazy to look for it? Well this is the new site of my archive, with convenient links to every weekly article and big thing that I've published!

Season 1
#01: Resurgent Turkey
#02: Devastation and Domination
#03: Facepalms Worldwide
#04: Ain't No Substitute for China
#05: Stagnancy
#06: Greek Gods > Kingdom of Macedon?
#07: Border Wars Galore
#08: So Much for Ctrl
#09: The Battle Between Bros
#10: Death of an Empire
#11: Can't Let You Do That, EDEN
#12: Naval Supremacy
#13: The Long Trek South
#14: Refreshed, Reanimated, Redead
#15: Sightseeing in Sydney, Traveling through Turkey
#16: France Falls, Baltic Overhaul
#17: The Balkan Hibernation Ends
#18: Revenge and Rematches
#19: Miracle Albanians
#19.5: Apulia Falls, America Approaches
#20: Farewell Immigration, Goodbye America
#21: Another Polish Playground
#22: Kill It with Greek Fire
#23: Independence Worldwide
#24: Checkmate?
#25: Wait, the World Hasn't Ended?
#26: Go Philippines! Go Norway!

#27: Oh...So Close
#28: EDEN Strikes Back
#29: Saviors and Failures
#30: Wipes, Get Them Half Off!
#30.5: New Map, New Start, Same Ol' Same Ol'
#31: This is the End!
#32: This is the Beginning!
#33: Aistrikes Aplenty
#34: London Bridge Is...
#35: Restoring Nations
#36: Superblobs Tested
#37: Amidst the Illusion
Season 2
#01: Wars, No Peace

Season 1
#01: Who won this week?
#02: Quick Defeats and Breakthroughs
#03: ONE 1, TEDEN 0
#04: Taking Out the Trash
#05: Suicidal Tendencies
#06: Midnight Mayhem
#07: France is Doing Something?!
#08: Piece of Cake, Serbian Cake
#09: Miracles Happen But Once
#10: Late to the Party
#11: What the Hell, Serbia?
#12: Shaking Up Geopolitics
#13: The Balkans Erupt
#14: The Marauding Croats
#15: The Powerhouses Stumble
#16: Uruguay Does Something
#17: Overseas Escapades
#18: The Fated Battle Begins
#19: On the Road to Singapore City (or Not)
#20: The World Changes in 20 Days
#21: Another Party in Argentina
#22: The Greek Wall of EDEN
#23: Here Comes A New Challenger
#24: East vs. West
#25: Chaos Control
#26: Don't Touch the Crown Jewel

#27: The Attack of the Pacifist
#28: The Greek Phoenix
#29: Back with Shiny Maps!
#30: These Colo(u)rs are Crap
#31: Empire Builder, Destroyer
#32: One-Sided (Foreign) Affairs
#33: London Raids
#34: Food Fights
#35: Indian Slumber Party
#36: AIM to Kill
#37: Competent Italians
Season 2

The Struggle for Freedom! (Mini-series)


Sneak Preview
#01: Wait, Didn't You Do This Already?
#02: A Spread of Wealth
#04: Early for a Reason
#05: Even I Can't Be Late for This
Christmas Special: Have Your Damn Gold

#06: New Year's Gold
#07: Totally Didn't Forget
#08: [Insert Relevant Title Here]
#09: Penultimate Prizes

Random Requests

Preview 1: Requests...A Lot of 'em
Preview 2: More Requests?

#01:Kicking Off New Year's
#02: USA and Napping Edition
#03: Yep, Sure is Random
#04: Stop Twisting My Words!
#05: Random Baby Countries in Asia
#06: Aaagh Writing
#07: Wait, What Do You Have?
#08: Return of the Random

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Don't Relax on This CoT
A Random Request from a Random Person on a Melancholic Day
Weekend Update: A Tutorial
Alliances, Friends, and Enemies

What I Learned to Love
Graphics FTW!
Let's Do This...Again
Welcome Pocahontas!
Turn the Tide
Our Hearts are with You Emy ♥
Let's Gather Ideas, Shall We?
Hey USA, an Idea!
Aren't Maps Nice?
I Can Dream! If USA Attacked Serbia
The End of Something, but What? Russia vs. Poland
Rest in Peace EDEN! Oh Wait...
And We Fight On
Smell That?
Gold is Mine
Into the East
Isn't This World Interesting?
Gathering Info
Project Update and Feedback
Pyrrhic Victories
More Interesting Crap
The Domino Effect
When Everything Falls Apart
Brinksmanship No More
Stalemates and Stale Hate
Peace in the Middle East
Summit to These Ideas!
Destined Tension
Late Night Writing
Flights, Fights for Congress
Hungry for Hungary

Steady, Steady, and Falter

Yeah There's Stuff Happening
Rekindle the Brolliance
An Olive Branch
An Alliance
The Time Has Come
Round 2?
Wait for the Weight
Funds for Friends!
August Sweepstakes Results!