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Day 1,828, 21:43 Published in Egypt Greece by Faruk Al Bashir

It is the purpose of this newspaper to provided accurate reporting to all Egyptian, regardless of parties or backgrounds. On the Affair of the Nation of Egypt in the best way possible. Supporting a fair and balance reporting without bias what so ever to any political or military parties. We urges all active readers to comments and makes suggestion on how we can make this medial outlet more enjoyable to you the reader. As always we welcome constructive criticism and hope we can created an modest and friendly community to which we can provided the best possible accuracy.



Comte de Reus
Comte de Reus Day 1,829, 07:07

1. pole

2. i think it's a good idea
ask me for everything you want to know about Països Catalgipcians party, i'm the spokesman

Naboal Day 1,829, 07:23

how about talking a bite more about you first?

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