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Introducing 'The Egalitarian Citizen'

Day 679, 10:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

Welcome to my first article.

First - a little about myself. I'm relatively new to the game having joined just a month ago but have done my best to be as active and involved as possible. I am a member of TUP as it is the party that best represents my own political views and I am certain that, as a party, we do our best to represent and assist the citizens of eUK. I do, however, have my own mind and will express my opinions regardless of party politics should I feel the need.

I am a strong believer in democracy and the right of the public to get involved, have their voices heard and have access to all of the opportunities available to them. The best place for people to learn, progress, get involved, meet people and realise their in-game ambitions is on the forums. There are also other good reasons to join the forums such as access to gifting/welcome schemes, joining the military (where weapons are often available FOC - particularly in wartime) and cheaper products than available in game to name just a few. If I hadn't joined the forums then I'm sure I wouldn't still be here - it adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Now - on to the exciting news. MR WOLDY IS RUNNING FOR COUNTRY PRESIDENT!
This is what has inspired me to set up my newspaper with the limited funds that I have. I truly believe that this is the man who can take us forward as a country and help unite people across eUK. I am not saying this because he is the TUP candidate. After all, I had planned to vote for Scipio in the last election before he was withdrawn, rather than voting for Glados who had TUP support. I believe that everybody should vote for the person that they believe will do the best job for the nation regardless of political allegiance. That man is Mr. Woldy.

Woldy has an ability to keep calm and take a balanced view whilst still working tremendously hard and making important decisions. He has been an excellent congressmen and has been very effective in government. Perhaps most importantly, he always tries to help and educate (especially with the newer players). These newer players are important to the growth of our nation and investing time in them will only help our nation grow stronger.

As I said previously, I am a strong believer in democracy, so please feel free to comment whether you agree or not. It is good to have a bit of healthy debate where people can see it. All I ask is that you keep it relatively polite and avoid personal insults.

IT'S WOLDY TIME! Offical announcement.



Pensive Day 679, 10:57

Voted, well written, sums up my early experiences too 🙂

GGRyan Day 679, 11:05

I have read 😃

Awesome article, and Woldy is pretty damn great!

Karacticus Day 679, 11:18

Good stuff sir nice to see some well written stuff around these parts.

Jim Timber
Jim Timber Day 679, 11:26

Good article Dan.

Chip Daniels
Chip Daniels Day 679, 16:32

Voted, subbed. We need more articles like this: plain speaking, thought out, informed and informative, open to debate. Kudos to Dan for making the media module a modicum less depressing than it usually is.

ePocalypse Day 680, 11:33

Thanks all.

KaisKais Day 682, 11:00

voted. well done Dan

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