Introducing Our Newest Members

Day 1,001, 11:15 Published in Hungary China by Donnie Bronco
Introducing our newest members..

Over the past months, Phoenix aided Entente in fighting battles, and resisting EDEN PTO’s. Two countries in particular have made bonds with Phoenix, and over the past months have formed great friendships.

Of course, these countries are France and Ukraine. We have helped them fight off EDEN PTO’s and invasions, and in return they have assisted our alliance in its exploits.

Phoenix is an alliance centred on equality and friendship. So it is unsurprising that when these nations applied to join, they were both accepted by a unanimous vote. All that is required is congressional approval, then France and Ukraine are our new Phoenix allies.

Please welcome our newest members,

France & Ukraine!

Hail France!

Hail Ukraine!

Diplomatic Officer of PHX, Mr Woldy.
Supreme Commander of PHX, Baltazar8.


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