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Introducing 'Libertas' - The new Political Party in Town!

Day 1,787, 10:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by NoTie112

Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

Today I stand here, at the head of a new political party. The eNetherlands lacks political opposition, which have resulted in a complete downfall in activity, both political and non-political. I, as former official (including Country President), feel responsible to improve this miserable situation in the capabilities I have.

Thus I've decided to set up my party, which best represent my views and ideas, which many I'm sure of have seen me expressing over and over again. The time for talking is over, it's time to act! I proudly introduce 'Libertas' to you, with whom I set up the only liberal-progressive movement within in our eCountry. No longer you have the choice between Left and Far-Left!

More important than narrowmindness over ideologues, is actual actions. That why I'd like my party to be as pragmatic as possible; We have to realize 99% of the problems only have one good solution in a basic game as eRepublik, instead of pretending of solving it by putting up socialist, patriotic, conservative e.g glasses. The only differences between parties on those issues mainly are appearances, ego and personalities. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - It spices up the game and improved activity - but we shouldn't be drag along by these political strategies.

We, however, want to point out that 1% of political differences that makes us different from most of the other parties.

More is less!
This means as few rules as possible. This does not mean we support anarchy in any interpretation possible, but simply we want to keep our bureaucracy as small as possible, by only stating the most needed in official documents, and leaving common sense in the hands of capable people, instead of incapable people dictated by static laws and loopholes.

Interested by the pragmatic and realistic motives of our party? Join now and build the foundations of the newest political movement within the eNetherlands!
Join now!



The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,787, 10:19

Voted and good luck; however the DSP is only narrow-minded in the sense we are a party for people with far-left ideals which include being open-minded. Hope you can help bring up the political scene too.

NoTie112 Day 1,787, 10:26

Thank you for your kind words, MikeBane.

Weekstrom Day 1,787, 10:28

Good luck NoTie!

djirtsdew Day 1,787, 10:39

Good luck with your new party!
"as less rules as possible" should be "as few rules as possible".

NoTie112 Day 1,787, 10:40

Thanks for your correction djirtsdew and thanks Weekstrom for your wishes.

ElGorro Day 1,787, 10:48

Good luck NoTie112!

Broersje Day 1,787, 10:59

Good luck setting up another party. You've done it once, and quite successfully, so why not try again? ^^

SirSamuelVimes Day 1,787, 11:04

Good luck NoTie! Once there are some actual plans to read through and base my vote upon I'll definitely consider joining!

Nakbula Day 1,787, 12:01

Good Luck m8

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,787, 12:23

Interested to hear your ideas... good luck indeed!

Gwom Day 1,787, 12:49

Good luck!

Mc Claren
Mc Claren Day 1,787, 13:04

good luck hope you'll find some new members

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,787, 23:14

Good luck with everything, prove people wrong.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,788, 01:30

Just what NL needs yet another party

Katrien Day 1,788, 03:16

I will be interested to read what rules should be abolished and why...specifics since I am so green that I do not know what the rules are and how they affect the game. 🙂

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,788, 04:10


Well we may have many parties but all have united sort of speak under one administration and CP for the last few terms so..If anything another party might be able to shake things up and make it more interesting. I fail to see how that is a bad thing.

Djoks Day 1,788, 04:30

Good luck! o7

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,788, 06:43

99 problems but the golddigger ain't one...

DimlightHero Day 1,788, 11:45

| by elgorro » Wed 14 Mar 2012, 22:49
| Congress decided to put NoTie112 (aka tonie112) on the blacklist

I don't forget.

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