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Interviewing eCyprus I

Day 1,951, 01:31 Published in Cyprus Greece by Conium

I decided to interview all the eCypriot parties,hoping that in this way I will help myself and anyone else that would like to get involved in politics.I sent four simple but important questions to the presidents of the parties.The asnwers will be published and presented in parts.I start with the first two that have answered me and I hope I'll get more answers soon.

Communist Party of Cyprus
Orientation: Far-Left, Anarchist

1)Tell us a few things about your party.Why is it called like that and why was it found?Is there anything really important in its history you want to mention?
We are the Communist Party of eCyprus.I think in every country there are communists who believe in the power of the workers and this party is the home of the communist Cypriots.I'd like to mention a time which is very important not only for the communist Cypriots but also for Cyprus' history.During the turkish invasion of the island some nationalists said "Cyprus is Turkey/Cyprus is Greece" but the communists of Cyprus always said "Cyprus belongs to its workers,we want united Cyprus" so I think this is the most important thing in Cyprus' history.

2)What are your goals?What do you want our eCountry to achieve?
Cyprus is a multinational eCountry.When Plato added Cyprus to the map he thought Greece and Turkey would fight till the end for the invasion of Cyprus but something strange happened here.Inci said "We want free and independent Cyprus with all the nations in it" and they kicked out both Greek and Turkish nationalists of the island.So I think this country already achieved what we wanted.We want to continue like this,as a free and independent island.

3)How do you pick the candidates for the elections?Do they follow any policies?
I pick candidates ramdomly 🙂 but i also pay attention to the fake accounts.If someone didn't speak to our party msg group,he/she will not be a candidate because I can't know if he/she is a real person or just someone elses fake account.

4)How is your party organised?
Our party is organised on the basis of freedom.Every member of this party has the freedom of speech without the approval of anyone.
Donation Party e-Cyprus
Orientation: Center

1)Tell us a few things about your party.Why is it called like that and why was it found?Is there anything really important in its history you want to mention?
This party is alive in order to help the Cypriot citizens who are a member of my party.It is called ''Donation Party'' because we donate some materials to the members per day.Thanks to GEORGELAKELAND.He puts too much effort for the party.

2)What are your goals?What do you want our eCountry to achieve?
To help the citizens who are a member of the party.It is the most important goal of our party.We want eCyprus to achieve the level of Muasır Medeniyet (it is something like contemporary) as Kemal Atatürk wanted Turkey to achieve it. 😃

3)How do you pick the candidates for the elections?Do they follow any policies?
I will analyze the candidates then I will speak with the CP of eCyprus.

4)How is your party organised?
[He didn't answer in that question exactly but I think the above answers show a few things about its routine]
Respect your teammates and have fun! Don't miss the second part!


Tio Lucho
Tio Lucho Day 1,951, 02:09


ElRoi Day 1,951, 02:35

v - I am not involved in politics and it's not my intention to be, but i wonder what's the difference between the Communist Party and any other far left party, as also what's the need of having multiple same-oriented parties in such a small e-country.

Secondly, there are various reasons that someone does not participate in a mass msg. That does not prove that he is a fake account. I agree that Country President is usually the best person to advice you about fake accounts*.

* supposing he is not a troll, of course! xd

Conium Day 1,951, 02:55

You've casted serious issues and I hope my interviews will be the begining for a nice discussion between parties and active citizens (involved or not).

In my opinion,it is reasonable to have many parties since eCyprus is a multinational eCountry.You are right to say that there is no need in having many parties of the same orientation but I want to believe that there are differences between them.Anyway,the interview will solve this if they answer honestly,I guess.

I have to add that a party can be created for multiple reasons and not always for participating in politics.I've seen teams using a political party as their "base",because of the common feeds probably.

bercdo Day 1,951, 11:22

I accept the fact that if the person dont participate in mass msg group doesnt mean that he is fake. but if a person is 20-21 lvl and didnt say anything in mass msg and nobody knows him/her chance of being fake improve. in addition if a person thinks he will represent his party in the congress i think he/she have to known by some of the party members.

ElRoi Day 1,951, 12:24

98% of the players run for candidates only to get another medal. Game mechanics give them this option and they use it. Most of them are kids, they don't even know the difference between left & right. They are kids, fools, opportunists, whatever, but not necessarily multies.

I have been witnessed of someone (lvl 20, less than a month in game) who was asking us (via party feeds) to vote for him as next CP in e-Greece. He was social enough, commenting on feeds frequently, etc. He was not a fake account, nor a PTOer, just a foolish kid There are many like him, i can assure you. Yet, they are not multies.

Let's accept and welcome newcomers, without being so strict and suspicious with everyone. It's not fair for the honest new players.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,951, 05:06

As a two-region state, our only real strength is trust in each other. I'm not too concerned about the political ideology labels - after 4 yrs in this game I realise it means absolutely nothing.

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,951, 06:41


durito Day 1,951, 11:17


Georgelakeland Day 1,951, 23:01

voted quite surprised by your effort to make this article. good .

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