Interviewing Crowdedhouse The Blue Zombie with Gold and Green Aspirations!

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Warning the following article has long answers, read at your own risk (there will be cake)

Crowded messaged me with details of what he has done and what he is doing in politics at the moment and I could not resist the opportunity to interview him, this is how it went.

So before we start into politics, there are many New Zealanders who would point out your name pays homage to their people.
How well do you think New Zealanders integrate into eAustralia given there is no eNZ?

My favourite two bands are Split Enz and Crowded House. I do though see CH as being from Australia as both Paul Hester and Nick Seymour are from Melbourne also on your points of NZers in Australia... simply they have nowhere to go, so they join us in Australia... we're very similar nations... though I think that friendship will be tested one day Being some Australians want to invade NZ once it comes into the game NZers may never get their own country... or if they do, they might align with Peace!

Lucky then that the Admins have no intention of adding eNZ any time soon. Tell me about TBP. What do you think makes TBP stand out over other parties?

Up until 2 days ago i was a member of the TBP. Corny-Ratbag introduced me to the party, made me feel welcomed and even hosted my Radio eAustralia News podcast on his site The TBP appealed to me because it was a centre party - looking at both sides of the picture However there were some concerns for me

Such as?

Since Corny-Ratbag was busy in RL and could not continue, TheBlackAdder took over as party president
I was thankful that TBA gave me the chance to be Campaign Manager for the TBP in October result in the lowest wastage of votes %
however I was dispointed with the lack of active members of the party on the forum and lack of communication, even from our own PM

So now you are working with the Zombie Party?

Yes... with the TBP being too non-active (there's no policy talk in the forums) I've decided to go join the Zombie Party and see if I can re-form it... It maybe a success, it could FAIL, but at least I'm giving it a go

Forgive my for my ignorance but apart from fellow party members calling me a zombie when I don't get enough sleep, I personally know nothing about the Zombies, What are they all about?

It was a party that was PTO'd by Etheodoria Vulpine last month... mainly just for laughs... there's hardly any gold in the accounts (so I'm not in it to take the money and run)...
I think fans of Zombies just went to that party... however it only holds 10 members... plus the More Beer Party has just been renamed the Drunken Zombie Pirate Party - so I am suggesting to any Zombie fans to join that party in stead

Well I can see how being a Drunken Zombie Pirate has its appeal, what amazing policy do you have up your sleeve for an improved "Zombie Party"?

Policies are scratchy at the moment... Now before people scream "It's a Paul Hamon clone"! Here is my reason...
With the Zombie Party... to be renamed the "Green & Gold Party" if I am elected PP
I hope to make it a new central party, similar to the TBP... some may even nickname it "TBP iSnack 2.0"!!!
However, I want the members of the party (especially the new ones we attractt) to have a say on where we stand)
I'll be actively recruiting members, members of the lower member number parties
to give those citizens a chance on being in the Senate (Congress) - plus there maybe an idea for some factions within the party
for example if the ACP (The Commies) join us... we will have a 'left wing faction' and respective threads on the forum for them

I'll ignore the jibe at my glorious leader for now and turn to the question of being open to communists. Not too long ago in australias past the conservatives held power for 23 years by saying "there are communists in the labour party" why do you think communism is considered a much more stable form of government in eRepublik?

By saying welcoming Commies into the Party means the Party will lean left... If members from the ANP want to join they are welcome as well. You'll note in this game that eAustralia generally leans left. The only exception was the August Congress/senate - where the ANP and TBP took a large number of seats and helped the government lean right.
I think for the moment we need the left on the domestic front, and the right on the international front, that could be the correct balance for this game that is eRepublik.

A left Domestic policy and a right foreign policy sounds expensive, what would you tax to pay for such a government?

To be honest, I voted against the Tax Cuts that were recently put forward. I know the last senate said they should be only for two months and just recently dropped the tax from 15% to 12%
however I believe we should have left them at 15%... why... WAR is coming... wether we like it or not, there is something big on the horizon... and we need to prepare... plus the aim of all states having hospitals
I believe, if we keep taxes at 15% build these hospitals and place them in all states (after that maybe sell the excess) plus then stockpile some weapons, then we can afford to drop taxes.
once that it does... we can promote the great benefits of our nation to other citizens and create a baby boom and high immigration

There are alot of green players entering politics in eAustralia at the moment, what would your advice be to them on understanding the subtleties of the current economic system and become an effective decision maker for eAustralias future?

I believe new players should do what I did from day one... jump on the IRC and start asking questions. Read the news articles (remember to select 'latest news' not just the top stories)
email the people behind the newspapers and ask questions
join a party and get active on the forums
too many players join a party that does not have enough numbers to have someone run for congress, wonder why they cannot do it, get bored and leave the game
they need to join active parties.

Thanks for the interview crowded, but before we go, you sound like you're left, you talk like you're left, What makes you Right?

My position on Foreign Investment is what takes me right, especially my Pro-EDEN stance as well... for months I was screaming Indonesia was stalling and EDEN should be called
Finally Patti11 made the correct call... and now we have WA back
we cannot be a neutral nation - you'll get nowhere in this game being neutral... it's just the mechanics of the game... however by joining an alliance... not just for war reason
but also for economic reasons, we can then grow as a country and as citizens.

thanks again to Crowded for his commitment in giving detailed answers 😛
~Nomlah Signing out!