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Interview with the eGerman CP: MMMaster

Day 2,370, 22:23 Published in Switzerland Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Ishu007

I got the opportunity to have an interview with the eGerman CP - MMMaster. The interview took place on 17th May 2014.
As I said I won't be writing much larger posts, here's the short and simple interview I had with the German CP.

Me: Good evening. So sir, is this the first interview you're having as the Country President?
MMMaster: Indeed it is.
Me: So this is the first. Please allow me to ask you a few questions.
MMMaster: Then go on.
Me: Please tell us how it feels to be elected as the eGerman President?
MMMaster: To be honest, there is not that much of a 'feeling' about being elected. But there is the feeling of anticipation for what the month will bring. Especially as it is my first term as CP. That should do for this question. Continue?
Me: Yes. Your 5 years will be completed this year in eRepublik. How much influence did your experience have for getting you elected as the CP?
MMMaster: Again I have to be honest and say that me being elected as CP has the biggest reason in the lack of competition for the job. But having experienced the ups and downs of eGermany through the years I felt pretty well prepared to take on the job.
Me: I see. What is the reason behind the lack of competition?
MMMaster: Well the eGerman community has never really been big, and it is continuing to shrink. So it is just reflecting the general development.
Me: Oh. So what are the services you intend to provide your countrymen?
MMMaster: Mainly I am just trying to keep eGermany safe and stable.
Me: How does it feel being part of AURORA, the second largest alliance, with Chile, an empire being part of it?
MMMaster: I am quite happy to be part of AURORA, and if a member has the Empire status or not does not matter to me regarding that feeling.
Me: A question about the new four countries. Will they have any impact on your nation?
MMMaster: I would not expect that, but you can't really tell at this point in time.
Me: Oh I see. If given a chance to sign a MPP with the Swiss, will you guys approve it?
MMMaster: I have to be honest: I don't see a reason to do so.
Me: Lol. This will do. Thanks for your precious time. Cheers! And good luck to your government!
MMMaster: Thank You.

So here's my interview with the eGerman CP and first step towards International Journalism. Hope you guys like it.

Signing off,


Ishu007 Day 2,370, 22:26

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MMMaster Day 2,371, 00:08

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Rican Day 2,371, 08:06

Awesome Ishu
I'm so glad you are being active and productive
enjoying the game !

Rican Day 2,371, 08:08

for shouting:

Interview with the eGerman CP: MMMaster

by Ishu007

Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Day 2,371, 10:17


Walen II
Walen II Day 2,371, 11:40

Very good!

poletarec Day 2,371, 12:57

nice o7

MMMaster Day 2,372, 01:16

voted and stuff

Ishu007 Day 2,372, 07:49

xD Thanks everyone!

You cant interview :< check out mine 😛. MOO!

JK. Its good but a bit boring to read. 😃

Ishu007 Day 2,372, 19:18

I know. xD
I've just started.

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