Interview with myself...

Day 4,035, 05:00 Published in Greece Cyprus by George The Mercifull

Since no one volunteers to give me an interview and as I strongly believe that I am the best candidate for this task (since I am a tottaly lunatic person) 😁, here follows my very first interview of myself. 😃

Q: What where you doing before starting to eLive in the New World?

Me: Believe it or not I was a normal person, with life and interests. So, hanging out with friends, doing sports, watching movies was somewhat my everyday routine.

Q: What have you thought when you were asked to give this interview?

Me: Um...that you are way crazier than me of course. Nobody else would dare to interview me as the last one who did eDied 7 days later.

Q: What was the first thing you thought about Erepublik?

Me: How the hell am I going to survive in here?

Q: What was the second thing you thought about Erepublik?

Me: How the hell is the rest eWorld going to survive from me?

Q: What is your favorite memory from the New World so far?

Me: Battling & hanging out with the friends I made in Greek Division 3 while dominating in the battlefields all over the New World.

Q: What's new in your elife as we are talking?

Me: Being part of the Icarus Project, trying to motivate myself in order to keep flying high and fight hard for me, myself and my country. Furthermore, when I got back in action, I changed the Military Unit that I belong to and after many years I left LYNX for the sake of MINOAN LEGIONS.

Q: Finally, tell us what should we expect from now on in the New World?

Me: Well that is a question I cannot answer as you can never guess what's next. Hopefully, you leaving me alone in peace and quiet!!!

Okay that was all from George The Mercifull, I want to personally thank him for this devastating interview and looking forward to see where his "bright" future might lead him.

Faithfully yours,
George The Mercifull

Be original, Be true, Be yourself

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 4: Best Interview / Series of interviews on eHistory/Future by the Plato Foundation