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Interview with Lorgroth

Day 2,461, 12:08 Published in Belgium USA by Gyantse

Today I intervied one of biggest Belgian company lord, who has eChilean citizenship and Honorary Citizen status, because he leads his MU comunes. Ladies and gentlemens one and only Lorgroth.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself for start?

My name is Bert, I am a 35 yo male from Flanders, Belgium. My hobbies include smoking weed, playing games, and doing whatever I feel like. Like most addictive gamers (grin) I am single. Other games I play or used to play are:
Torn City A text based game where you mostly fight other players and do crimes.
World of Warcraft Well, this one doesn't need an introduction. I mostly played during WoTLK expansion, afterwards my interest disappeared.
Runescape I often take a another subscription, to pass long times of boredom.

Where did you find this game, and what makes you to play it?

I was bored one day, opened GOOGLE and started looking for a mmorpg. Saw eRep, decided to give it a try and here I am. It still seems interesting enough to stick around.

What is your favorite game module and why?

I don't have one. But politics is the least favorite module. The options are too limited to make any drastic changes to a country.

What would you change in game and why?

I would make the game a bit easier for the free players. More players to draw money (gold & cc) from the game.
I don't think a bot of any kind would be a good idea, as people will look for ways to abuse the system.

You are one of big companies owner. What you think about current status of erepublik economy? Any suggestions what should be fixed?

The economy is dieing. I only notice a raise in costs whenever there is something new, like the housing system they (re)introduced, or the latest missions. Wages went up like crazy, raws were getting up, ... in short, everything went up.
I saw a lot of people producing houses, including myself, but there is no market for all these houses. So the economy is going down faster then it went up. More things to produce that nobody wants.

In my opinion, the admins should make the game easier to play for non gold buyers. As they are the biggest part of the game, and should be taken care of.

You are also a MU supplier. What you think are advantages and disadvantages of that systems?

The advantage is that is very good organized. T.C. did a very good job on the administration part of it all.
The disadvantage is the (daily) search for WRM, and the travelling that goes with it. I need to be in eBe to buy from the eBe market. Then moving for DO.
Also the calculating, in case my bonus isn't 200% anymore. It's all easy with full bonus, but once a bonus drops, it's all about calculating the amount of WRM needed.
And last but not least, the personnal costs. Taxes are a bitch, not to mention the energy i lose just by working.

You are also one of commanders of Olympus Belgicae. Do you think that smaller units are more organized and easier to lead? Why?

No. Like any woman would say: "Size doesn't matter, sweety". Active units are easier to lead.
I'm the most lazy commander this MU ever had. Besides, it's easy leading when you're also the supplier. If you don't obey my commands, I will take away your supplies. Or I just threaten to do so, which also helps.

You are real life Belgian, but you need to move because supplies for your MU. How you look at the current situation in eBelgium?

It saddens me that the PTO still isn't fixed.
When I started playing, eBelgium was occupied by ePoland. Then it was decided to liberate ourselves, and the PTO machine came back to life with the country.
One day I might run for CP, with this manifesto. Most people will pray that day will never come, but never say never.

You are in Chile, your chances of getting politic experiences are smaller. Do you miss any political activity?

Like a tootache. Too much BS while the actual problems aren't being solved. I tried being a CoC, but it made my bald head get white hair. My dad used to have a saying: "Ik krijg er krullekespis van". Don't ask me to translate that to english, cause that's nearly impossible.
So no, I don't miss it, nor do I mind missing out on the experience.

Best regards,



Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 2,461, 12:09


tommot Day 2,461, 12:23


as always, you produce good interview-articles.

Lorgroth Day 2,461, 12:28

He only had to come up with some questions, I had the thoughest job answering them xD

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,461, 12:26


Lorgroth Day 2,461, 12:28


JdlF Day 2,461, 13:46

Logroth for CP o/

But I guess i'd be an even more lazy commander. o/

InterimoSRB Day 2,461, 14:20

good article 🙂

Alexandross Day 2,461, 16:47

Nice article! 🙂

Ely.nea Day 2,462, 02:10

voted o/

Niemand Day 2,462, 03:34

Nice article and nice player. Runescape FTW at age 35 (I stopped playing that at age 49). o7

Lorgroth Day 2,462, 04:02

I guess 'nobody' is perfect 😁

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,462, 04:01


Piran Day 2,462, 04:09

Good article \o/

Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 2,462, 13:39


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